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Joy Discovered in Wisdom

I tried to read the Book of Proverbs every day in 2012. I tried! I didn’t get to it every day, but almost every day this year I read the proverbs of the day. For example, if it was July 2, I read Proverbs 2. If it was August 30, I read Proverbs 30.

This was just an awesome undertaking for me! I learned so many good things, and reading Proverbs helped me see a lot of good things in life. Proverbs has so much to teach us, including

  • How we are to treat other people;
  • Why corrupt lifestyles will never work;
  • How good it is to live a life of righteousness, thinking about other people; and
  • How good God is.

ProverbsProverbs talks about these themes so much. It takes so many different angles on living the true lifestyle of righteousness. Reading Proverbs increased my understanding of what it means to live a pure life, not a corrupt life; a life full of truth, not lies; a life filled with real love, not fake love. There is so much to learn from that book! Proverbs is just a really good source of wisdom. I read the book over and over again, and it became huge in my heart.

Some days, I shared selections from the proverbs through my tweets, but I didn’t always give chapter and verse. I tried to frame them in ways that would be meaningful to everybody. I’m not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m not, obviously! I’m not ashamed of the Bible. But I try to think about the people that follow me. Not everybody believes. And I think every time you tweet a Bible verse, you’ll lose people. So I wanted to share the wisdom without pushing people away. I would just say, “Proverbs.”

There are all kinds of proverbs in that book. There are wise words for everyone. A lot of people are really encouraged by them. And encouraging things are so much better to read. When I read stuff posted to Twitter by the people I follow, man, I like to read good encouraging quotes that help me get through the day. That’s fun for me.

It was so huge for me to read Proverbs over and over and grow in understanding. Here’s what I learned. When you live a righteous life, God loves you so much through that life. When you live a righteous life, one in which you seek wisdom and love others, God is just so joyful to you through that life. It was huge for me to learn that God will give you what you need. And I saw it happen. During the postseason, Proverbs helped me understand God’s wisdom in a whole new way! More on this next time. See you Wednesday.

One thought on “Joy Discovered in Wisdom

  1. You can never get enough of God’s wisdom (and joy!), that’s for sure. We are studying the Book of Proverbs right now in our mid week service and having a lot of good discussions. I have also read the chapter that corresponded with the day of the month, too it’s a good way to jumpstart your day! It’s amazing how God will direct you as you trust Him and apply His Word to your life. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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