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Thumbs Up to God! Part 2

My postseason story in 2010 was about praying for forgiveness and praying judgments off of my teammates. My 2012 postseason story was quite different. Now God was elevating me. He was allowing me to pitch the best I’ve ever pitched in my career. My manager, Bruce Bochy, kept putting me into games in key situations, and I kept executing in those situations.

And the thumb on my pitching hand was sprained! It hurt so much! And yet, when I needed it to, the pain went away. I know adrenaline was a factor. I know there are a lot of different ways that doctors can explain what happened with my thumb. But I truly believe that God grabbed my thumb and took the pain away, right when I needed Him to.

Otherwise, I don’t see how I could have pitched through the NLCS and the World Series. My thumb was going to need time to heal correctly. They said it could take 4, 5, even 6 weeks to heal, and I didn’t have that. I had one day to have it heal up enough to be ready to pitch. It is amazing to me to know that I could pray for God’s grace and mercy, and ask Him to take the pain away, and He did. It happened.

Jeremiah 31_3Now, you might ask me, “Jeremy, of all the things happening in the world right now, why does God care about the World Series? There’s hunger, there’s war, there’s famine, there’s thirst, there’s people dying, there’s poverty, I mean, of all the things, Jeremy, why do you think He cares about you and the World Series?”

My answer is that He cares because He loves me. That’s why He cares. And that’s what makes God so good. He can be everywhere. I mean, He’s omnipotent, man. He’s omniscient. I mean, He’s just everywhere. He is the great I Am. He’s whatever you need Him to be at the time that you need Him.

That is the greatness of God. He is there, in your own situation, at your own time, in your own greatest need. At that time, He is there. To able to pitch, pain-free, was what I needed. And He agreed. He said okay.

I know there are a lot of other people praying to Him right now. They are in much more pain than I was, and they are asking Him for things. And He hears them. He didn’t just hear me. He hears all of us.

That’s the greatness of our God. That’s what is so awesome. He hears our requests. His mercy is great. He hears us, and He smiles big. We are faithful to Him, and He is faithful to us.

During this year’s postseason, God’s goal wasn’t to help me understand what it is like to pray for my teammates, because I still do that. I think I learned that lesson in 2010. I really think I did. I think this time, I learned to understand, truly understand, that God’s mercy is great. Whatever your need, He knows, He is involved, and He hears you, and He understands. See you Saturday.

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