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To Stir A Movement

The movement I have in mind begins with awareness.  It begins with the awareness that people all over the world, our neighbors and God’s children, are suffering, and we are called to help.

The awareness I’m talking about goes much further than knowing the world has problems.  I’m talking about awareness that you can help alleviate people’s suffering and pain.  You can take part in ending the hunger crisis, or the water crisis.  You can help free slaves and provide homes and families for orphans.

This awareness reaches even deeper than doing something to help. It goes deeper than donating or volunteering.  I’m talking about awareness of the joy that you create in someone else.  When you help someone, that person feels joy because of you, because you helped them in their life.  And that joy, the joy you create, is the love of Jesus.  That’s the awareness that I’m talking about.  It is awareness of the love of Jesus.

I built my first well in Uganda in 2009.  I built it in partnership with Living Water International.  On the day that well was dedicated, the kids were standing under it.  They were washing themselves in it.  This was clean water and they were rejoicing!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  90% of the diseases in their village are now history, because they have good clean drinking water.  Here’s a video of the dedication of the well:

Look at the faces of those kids!  Look at the joy that’s on their faces, just for water!  This is the same water that’s in my toilet bowl, and these kids are actually rejoicing in it.  This is awesome!  We flush our toilets every day and we don’t even think twice!  You know?  I’ve done it!  I go to a restaurant, and I have the opportunity to say, “I don’t like this water, I’d like a different kind.”  And here we’re talking about kids that are rejoicing because finally, they have water that simply isn’t dirty.

I couldn’t be there in person for the celebrations, but two friends went over there for me.  When they walked through this village, the people rejoiced to see them.  The kids latched on to their legs, and held their hands.  They danced for them and they sang for them, and they said, “We thank you so much! You have a voice in our lives now.”  My friends got to sit and talk with them, and love on them.

That cup of love is fabulous. That’s the love of Jesus. That’s what stirs this movement: the love of Jesus.  When you help create joy in someone, you’ll know.  You’ll know because of the way it fulfills you. You’ll know because of the way that your body is no longer spiritually hungry.  It will tell you that there’s something inside of you that craves Jesus.  And those who have Him want more of Him.  You know?  Because He’s awesome.

It’s good to remember that the meek are the ones that will inherit the earth. See you Saturday.

12 thoughts on “To Stir A Movement

  1. So happy that you’re sticking around for another year. I’m a Christian mom and we’re huge Giants fans. We’ve seen you speak a few times and its so inspirational to my 11 year old twins. When I say it they hear blah blah blah – but your message resonates with them. Thanks for being a great witness and sharing.

  2. thank you for your inspiring posts. We are big Giants fans and I googled you after watching you pray for Brian Stow on a Showtime series And discovered your site.It is so great to watch you succeed and see how proud you are to share your faith.
    Keep writing, I was at game 2 of the World Series and thrilled that a man like you will represent the team for 3 more years. It was neat to hear Vogelsong give his thanks to God also, I hope it is contagious to the team. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. It truly is more of a blessing to give than to receive! Especially when it’s done knowing that there are no strings attached, I believe it is storing up treasure in heaven when we are helping just because we love Jesus and want to help our “neighbor”. “When you’ve done it to the least of these…”
    Thanks for sharing and showing the needs around us. So much can be done and for those giving it’s not a burden at all but truly a joy.

    Congrats on your renewed contract!! May God continue to bless you are your family.

  4. The San Francisco Giants team provides a model of how to achieve success … the way you work together toward a common goal, you do whatever it takes, you see obstacles as challenges to overcome rather than reasons to give up, and you always believe, no matter how difficult the task may seem.

    I am not a Christian, but I admire your faith in God and your devotion to Him … as well as your support for suffering children. Congratulations on your new contract. I’m very happy that you will be returning to the Giants next season.

  5. Jeremy! This brought me to tears! Can you just tell your cute wife to give me a “cry warning” on her Facebook links?!? 🙂 loved it! Connor sat with me and watched. We sponsor a sweet little girl, Patience, I’m Kampala. I’d love to get some more wells over there! Great post, thanks for inspiring me today 🙂

  6. I like what you stand for and what you represent. I ❤ the SF Giants and you make it even better. I’ve always championed the cause of marginalized group, and want to see the alleviation of poverty. I believe in upholding human rights. So to see you advocate these things is great indeed!

  7. That was a moving day my friend! I was glad to be there and so grateful for you and generation alive. So glad we get to do this over and over again! For his name and the blessing of his people!


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