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Forging Unity in the Fire of Dialogue

We need to take action, and unify the church. If you read the Bible, you’ll know there’s got to be unity. It’s key to Jesus’ return. We need to begin an “iron sharpening iron” dialogue. Let’s come to an understanding. It might be hard, but it’s not impossible. We are all in this together. We are all the church. We sing differently, we worship differently, we handle our services differently, but those differences should not stand in the way of seeking unity in our ideas of who God is and how He works. We’re missing that, and Christian thinkers need to come together and start sharpening each other.

Dialogue is not a competition. It’s not about proving that your words are better than someone else’s. It’s not, “I know I’m right, and I know you’re wrong.” Hey. Don’t be afraid of conflict. And don’t be afraid to be wrong. And be prepared to adjust your thought process, if you find the other guy makes sense. Right now, I think we’re unwilling to do that.

Youth pastors in Spokane seem to be doing a very good job of getting together with each other. It wasn’t like that when I first started Generation Alive. Back then it felt like the churches were involved in a turf war. It felt like they were saying to each other, “Don’t get in our way. When you put on an event, we’re going to hold one at the same time.” Are you kidding me? Unity felt like it was a long way out.

Things have changed now. I feel like the youth pastors have done a better job, and I’m glad to see it. Generation Alive is doing work with Spokane-area schools, but we’re also trying to unify the church by helping the youth pastors build unity. After all, they are the ones who are discipling our young leaders.

If you’re not willing to sit with thinkers and engage in sharpening dialogue, you may never learn. Maybe some people are different from you. Maybe they have different lenses. But everyone’s focus is centered on the same God. Through dialogue, those different lenses could make sense to you and improve the way you see things. Through dialogue, your lenses could make sense to others and improve the way they see things.

But if you don’t engage in dialogue, you may never know. And if we’re not willing to sit with other Christians in community, we’re never going to be unified. See you Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Forging Unity in the Fire of Dialogue

  1. That is so awesome, Jeremy! Unity is what is needed in the body of Christ. The “iron sharpens iron” verse is the Scripture the Men of Action (Humboldt County) use as well as the verses in Psalms 133. We are praying that the denominational walls will be broken down and that the love of Jesus Christ in us will shine through to those who are without Christ. Praying hard that the unity of the brethren will bring about the blessings of God.
    It’s a blessing for me to see this behind the scenes and pray for my husband as he steps out in faith to facilitate this with other men that are likeminded in seeing those walls fall. God bless!

  2. Having been a youth pastor here for the last 5 years I totally agree with you. It’s been great to see so many youth ministries put the big picture of why we exist in the first place. Unfortunately you don’t see it to near the same degree with the whole church as many lead pastors may know about each other but don’t actually play like they’re on the same team.

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