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Thank You, Father

God is good! What a blessing to be a Giant in 2012. Truly a team for the ages! Thank you to all the families and friends of the Giants.  Thank you to my readers and followers for all of your support.  And above all, thank you Father.

11 thoughts on “Thank You, Father

  1. Simple and awesome post. Plus, I love the photo with you casting your eyes to the heavens, from whence comes all your help. I could not even begin to count how many times I said The Lord’s Prayer for you on the bump. U were awesome and thank you,, first to God and then to you and your team mates for a great year! I am off Twitter cause I supposedly abused my rights by over tweeting Giant’s congratulations. Even something nice can get you in trouble. Facebook, here I come.

    God Bless U and the team/families that support them. Watching parade. Must go!


  2. That was awesome; your pitching was awesome. Congratulations to all of you. And thank you (and all the other believers on the team) for your public testimonies. I keep hearing commentators marveling at what a happy, loose group of guys you appear to be and what fun you all seem to be having together on the field and in the dugout. I can’t help wondering if part of what the commentators don’t understand is the role your faith plays in encouraging and blessing (and laughing with and at) one another. Your win, but more importantly your attitude and openness about your faith have been a blessing to me personally and I know many others. Have a great rest this off season.

  3. Rejoicing with you!! What a fun season, even in the midst of adversity. (Count it all joy!) Speaks volumes of the leadership and faith of this team. What a great last game, too. We had to dvr the game because we had our night service to attend (hubby is a pastor) and afterwards, we couldn’t look at any text messages and if someone called we had to immediately say “don’t tell us the score!” before they even said hello! (lol) Congratulations to you and the whole team. Great pic of you, too!! Enjoy the off season.

  4. So, I’m gathering I correctly read your lips as you walked off the mound in Game 7. I was hoping I had as I used it as the opening for a column on our new Web site. It hasn’t posted yet, as I was still in the fact checking phase which eventually led me to this site. I’m glad I found it. And not just for the confirmation for the column. God bless you and your ministries.


  5. God is so good! I actually yelled this during game 7, and was so blessed to have that opportunity to share the Gospel with fellow Giant fans. Emotions were every where that night and still, I am in aww of His amazing hand of grace my God gives. Through Him…
    Humm Baby!
    Blessings always!

  6. Jeremy, I was at the Game 5 in Cincy and it broke my heart as a Reds fan. Having said that, I was encouraged to see you guys go all the way in a classy way and guys such as yourself on the roster. Blessings

  7. Congratulations to you and all of your teammates!

    I recently started following your blog but wanted to thank you for sharing your faith and the true love of Christ with so many of us!

  8. Jeremy! I couldn’t agree more. You guys were amazing and not just in winning but in the way the team won. You guys were a team in the best sense of the word. You were a very easy team to love. You played for each other and for the love of the game and each other. It was wonderful to behold and so many of you remembered to put God first in your thought. Marco dropped to make the sign of the cross before celebrating; Gregor looked up to the heavens to give thanks before running in to join the happy mob. I know you place God first and Ryan was very open about believing in God’s plan for him. Maybe I’m reading more than there is here but I believe God honored the team because they always seemed to remember to honor him. It was a joy to behold. Belief is a very powerful thing and the 2012 Giants had massive belief in team, in picking each other up and playing for each other and for many a belief in God’s goodness. I understand that you must do what is right for your family but I really hope that you can come back and play for the Giants next season. Not only are you are great pitcher but a great person to have associated with the Giants.

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