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The Transformers and the Holy Spirit

Those Transformers movies are really cool. Kids all around the world just love them, and grownups love them too. A teammate has Transformers tattoos, and he’s not the only one. We just love them, but I wonder how many people understand that their story comes straight from scripture.

The first Transformers movie tells the story of the AllSpark, a little box that is the source of all their power. It can restore worlds and bring peace and grant life, right? When that box is in its proper place, everything’s fully powered. But at the start of the movie, it’s missing. There’s a hope for it. There’s a groaning for it. They’ve got to find it, but they can’t. It’s hidden. And it’s hidden because it’s not the right time for it. Evil wants it, but evil is not going to get it.

If you think about it, the good Transformers are preserving peace. That’s the whole purpose for their existence. They’ve always been among us. Bumblebee has always been here. They’re preserving peace until the time is right for the AllSpark. Evil seeks to destroy with it, and the Autobots preserve peace.

We love this story because it’s our story. We’re waiting for Jesus to come. When He comes, it’s going to be like that little box is inside of us. Boom! Now we’re at full power, man, and full strength.

We understand this story because we are born knowing it. The Spirit of God is waiting inside of you. The Spirit of God is empowering you to do so many things, but there’s still something to come. He has not yet been fulfilled. He is not at full strength. The Holy Spirit is given to us so that we will hear and respond to Jesus. It gives us that fulfilling, “Yes!” And Jesus promises us, “When I come to fruition, when I come back, you’ll feel Me in full power inside of you.” That’s fulfillment. I’m waiting.

Power fulfilled is a really big deal. The story of the Transformers is truly real. (It’s just I don’t necessarily think it’s in a robot form.) But we don’t have that yet. It’s our hope. And while we’re here, we’re the good Transformers. We’re preserving peace.

So many movies tell this same story of a power that, once received in the right way, makes you unbeatable. That’s Jesus. That’s the Spirit inside of us, once He comes back. That’s power, now received in such a fulfilled way, that you will not be conquered. It will be impossible for you to lose. That’s Jesus, man. That’s His coming. That’s the coming of the end. That’s when we will have our hope, sitting right here in front of us, on His throne. That will be awesome!

Don’t be depressed if you are not fulfilled. Of course you’re not fulfilled. You’re like Bumblebee, waiting for our hope to arrive. There’s anticipation. Something isn’t right yet. We’re not fulfilled. But that’s okay.

See you Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “The Transformers and the Holy Spirit

  1. It’s so easy to forget (and so important to remember) that I will never be completely fulfilled apart from God. Thanks for the reminder and all of your encouraging words.

    P.S. May God bless each one of your pitches in the coming days and weeks!

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