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Faith and Fellowship 2012

We had an awesome group at Giants Faith Day this year. I saved this video for the postseason. I know you’ll understand that I’m focused on today’s game! Thanks again to @MattBaquiran for recording this and sharing it on YouTube. Thanks to everyone for this opportunity to share my story.

6 thoughts on “Faith and Fellowship 2012

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I had asked long ago on your blog for you to post this when available, so thanks for doing that! Now I understand where you got the copper pipe metaphor. It makes it so much more effective in marriage counseling when both partners are believers. Not just for counseling, but for life in general. I married an unbeliever and my life has been a challenge as a result. I was warned against this by scripture and a rare courageous friend, but I wanted a child and time was running out.

    Anyway, I commend you for doing a full five days straight of counseling. I can recommend a great date night movie for you and your wife after the Giant’s win the World Series again….

    Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. It is about an older couple who are disengaged and the wife (Streep) wants to have a real marriage again. The husband (T.L.Jones) is against it but feels forced by his wife. They go out of town too for this week long one on one marathon counseling (sound familiar??) Anyway, it has a happy ending, but I don’t want to be a spoiler. Congrats on your third child and all your success both on and off the field. I was most inspired by Zitto’s testimony. My mom was New Age in her perspective too, though not a minister. It doesn’t give you a solid foundation or rock like the Gospel undiluted. Praise God Zitto has come to the Lord.



  2. Jeremy, it’s such a joy and encouragement to see you and other men of Christ speaking, giving parts of their testimony, and giving glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s awesome to know you and these other Giants (Brandon! Barry! Angel! Ryan! Santiago!) are seeking the Lord and relying on His power through the journeys of your lives, through the playoffs, and through everything else. I’m rooting for you guys to keep on winning, but may you have peace in His perfect will.

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I am not very religious and I was unsure about attending this event. I did not like the thought of being preached to but I decided to go. I am very happy that I did go. I found it very interesting and inspiring and still think about the words that I heard. It is very hard though to come to the conclusion to let everything be in the hands of God. I have seen so many bad things happen to good people I just don’t understand. It is so easy to let the negative consume you and take over your thoughts and approach at life. Recently, I have become lucky enough to be able to look for the light and positive of every situation. I just want to say thank you for having this event. I was faltering and I am not sure why but hearing you and the other players speak helped me believe again. I enjoy hearing of people who have overcome their struggles and succeeded. It helps me remain strong in difficult times and shows me that nothing is too much to overcome. I plan to look for a book that has maybe daily quotes. Any recommendations?

    Thank You,

    • Janice,

      I would recommend Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free Day by Day”. It is an offshoot of her book called Breaking Free. Her focus is on women overcoming adversity, especially abuse as she suffered incest as a child. I would also recommend the devotional “Seeking His Light in Your Life, Dear Jesus” by Sarah Young. She has a letter from herself to Jesus and then Jesus responds, “Dear Daughter”…… It is awesome. For a male perspective anything by Max Lucado or Oswald Chamberlin is good. I think the classic by Chamberlin is called “My Utmost for his Most High”. Max Lucado has one called “Grace for the Moment, Volume I”.

      There is also a book “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People” that might answer some of your questions. I have found that pain in my own life has served to help me help others with similar circumstances as a social worker, mom, friend, etc.



    • Fellowship day is many powerful testimonies indeed. Zito’s recent conversion encourages me that Jesus is alive at work. Belt and Vogenslong grew up and then returned to the church to be more powerful. Cassea, like many people from other counties besides the US, is on fire for the Lord with great hope for Jesus return. Affeldt has a future as a lay preacher after he retires, if he chooses.

      As for the Giants, I predict we will take it in four games, in Detroit, Motor City, Motown, or the place of my birth. I was only there to one year old, so I am NOT a Tiger fan at all. Just Kevin Costner as a Tiger pitching the perfect game in the twilight of his career. (Some twilight’s have hotter sunsets than others…… ; – 0 )

      Go Giants!!!! I wish my sister and her husband could see the final game as season ticket holders for many years, but it is better to finish it off in MI. so there is no doubt of our dominance!


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