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Trashing God’s Name

Maybe we don’t love people the way we should love them, because we want to change them. We want that so badly. But we can’t change people! Only the Spirit of God can do that. When we try to change people, all we do is push them away from God.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of that in the church. Sometimes people get around Christians, and they feel a kind of guilt trip. Or they feel like they’re just being looked down on in disgust. They feel that way because they are always being told that what they’re doing is wrong. That has to change!

We should be telling them how much they are loved by the Almighty God. If the aroma of Christ is truly on us, people will feel that. If the aroma of Christ is truly on us, and someone is hanging out with us, it’ll feel so good that they’ll probably say something about it. They’ll say something like, “Man, it just feels so good to be here with you.”

And I think this is starting to happen. But this problem of judging is why you see organizations serving the poor without mentioning God in their title, or even in their mission statement. How sad is that? They don’t mention God, because they want people to feel safe. They don’t mention God, because they want people to feel loved and included. They don’t mention God, because they want people to know from the get-go that they will not be judged. This has to change!

The church can learn a lot from these organizations. They are beloved in their communities. All they do is love. They deliberately don’t judge people. They simply love them for who they are.

Receiving GLIDE’s Community Hero Award was a huge honor.

I recently received the Community Hero Award from the GLIDE Foundation. The Foundation is widely-respected, in large part because its CEO, Reverend Cecil Williams, has spent decades loving his neighbors as himself. It was made famous by the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness. The GLIDE Foundation is part of GLIDE Memorial Church and is a community of very faithful people, but its statement of mission and values makes no mention of God.

At the Foundation’s awards banquet, the GLIDE people were talking about all the things they do, like serving the poor. They do everything that I do. And they said that they believe in equality of marriage for all people. I don’t necessarily agree with that! But that doesn’t mean I don’t love what they do.

In fact, when I gave my speech, I told them, “You guys embody me. You embody everything about me. GLIDE represents who I am, because you truly love people.” Now I don’t necessarily agree with their entire moral code. But I would hang out with them, all the time! They represent Jesus because they love the human being.

And I would rather hang with GLIDE people, than hang out in churches that just sit there and look down in judgment and pound people for their mistakes all the time. That just doesn’t make sense to me. If the Kingdom of God is love, then you don’t need to judge. If you’re representing Jesus correctly, the judgment shouldn’t be there.

I know what you’re thinking! You’re wondering, “But Jeremy, does this mean you can’t say that people are wrong?” No, you can say they’re wrong. I do that all the time! See you Saturday.

7 thoughts on “Trashing God’s Name

  1. Bravo Jeremy! I work in a field where I fight for entire demographics of PEOPLE that many believers would rather look the away from. My inner, angry (unjust) voice wants to say “what exactly is it you “believe” in? They are all me, just in another body, and they were all formed by the same Maker. How can we chose who to love and know what love is? Thank you for your voice. It makes the trenches less deep. xo

  2. I admit I’m a bit sad and disappointed to learn your views on marriage equality. My brother is gay (no he did not choose this) and I have seen and heard first hand all the venom and hate he has had to endure from so called Christians. I will always love my God, but I have reached a point to where I no longer want to be associated with Christianity.

    • Christina

      I am sorry you connect Christianity and are angry with Christianity based on a view of marriage equality. I tend to not want to think the sole purpose of Jesus and who he intended us to be as a representation of Him to be based on the issue of marriage. I do feel the bible speaks on these things and it is a reason I have my view but I don’t think it is central to the faith. I believe what I was trying to say in this blog is no matter the disagreements we have in some views of morals I think the most important thing is “love your neighbor as yourself” and “love God with all your heart, soul, and mind”. I feel you generalize the christian community when you feel we have a unloving approach to the gay community. I believe God loves your brother. I am not willing to sacrifice my love for humanity nor my love for God based on gay or straight. I just focus on loving my neighbor. We as humans will always have different views on life. When we stand before our God everything will be brought to a Close. In the end I will choose love and not hate.

      • Lovingly said. Being a Christian is not easy. Jesus even said the way was narrow. When we make the decision to follow Jesus and obey His words it does not make us popular but we have to remember that our battle is not with flesh and blood and with that in mind it that helps us to love our neighbor no matter what (and that definitely is no easy task but thankfully with Jesus all things are possible!) When we stand before God everything will be revealed, my prayer is that I will be found worthy to be called one of His. I’m so grateful for His grace, His truth and the strong foundation that
        He provides.

  3. Much respect!!!! people forget in the chruch forget the core principles it was founded upon….no judgement needed!!! Just remember we are all human, and all need love!!!! Not to often you see or hear a baller say what you had to say!!! Geaux Giants!!!!!

  4. I am a Christian and I work in a very secular, progressive environment (a university). I can tell you that NONE of my colleagues understand the Christian perspective on marriage equality at all. They see it as a civil state issue, not a religious one. They can’t understand how it hurts anyone for a gay couple to go to the county courthouse and have a civil marriage ceremony. No one would want to force a church to perform same-sex marriages if they’re not comfortable with them–they can see that would violate religious freedom. But they simply do not get why Christians oppose civil marriages. It just seems mean-spirited. It harms the work of the Gospel–and not just among gays but among their friends and family (like Christina who commented above) who love them. It “trashes God’s name,” as you put it, and to what end?

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