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A Drama Unfolding

How should Christians help sinners? Should we box them on the ears with our Bibles? How about loving on them? Isn’t that better than judging? How about trying to figure out truly why they are not living how they should?

There’s always a drama unfolding, behind every face. So why not truly look at somebody and ask, “Why are they doing that?” Most people do bad things because they want attention. So, why do they want attention? That’s the question we should ask.

The point is not to stop people from doing bad things. The point is to figure out their purpose in doing bad things. When my son is acting out, my initial reaction is to get angry with him. But I don’t. Instead I try to figure out why he is acting out. What is behind it? If I can fix that, then I can fix the act out.

That’s what Jesus did! That’s why people came to Him. When Peter rebuked Jesus and tried to deny that He would die, Jesus said, “Get behind me Satan!” He didn’t look at Peter and smack him, or chide him asking, “What are you doing?” No! Jesus looked into the heart of Peter, saw Satan controlling him, and said, “Get out of here!”

That’s what Jesus did with a lot of people. He did it with the prostitute. He did it with the woman caught in the act of adultery. He didn’t judge her. He said, “I’m not going to condemn you.” Think about it. Jesus was the only one that had the authority to condemn her, but He didn’t.

Think about the day that He sat with the woman at the well. “You’ve had five husbands,” He told her. “The one you’re living with now doesn’t even know your name. You have an issue with your self-esteem! Believe in who you are, and know that I am God.” He helped her. And she said, “Man, this guy has told me every thing I’ve ever done, and still He loves me.”

That’s right! He loved on her. He sat there with her at a well, and asked for water, and told her, “I’ll give you water that will never make you thirst again.” He didn’t try to pick apart every reason why all five of her marriages failed. He looked at her and said, “I’ll give you water that will never make you thirst again. That’s what I want to give you. Because that’s what you need.” There was no judgment. He just let her know.

“Look,” He said. “I know a lot. And I know your pain. Because in your five marriages, you have five large wounds. That is causing you to live with a man whose name you don’t even really know. And he doesn’t know yours. You’re just living with him. You’re trying to figure out some sort of security. And now you’ve got women talking behind your back on your way to the well, because they think you’re the town whore. You’ve got all these condemnations coming at you, but man, I just want to give you water. And make you never thirst. I want to do this because I love you. I created you. I love everything about you.”

When you understand that, it will keep you from judging. When you truly seek to understand the drama of a person’s life, and then love on them just as we see Jesus love on them, you won’t judge. You’ll figure out how to help them get that water that will never make them thirst again.

The church needs to do a whole lot more of this. It’s changing, but we need to see more. See you Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “A Drama Unfolding

  1. Very true what you say, Jeremy. And it’s an ongoing process for us to learn to see and love people with Jesus’ love. We must pray that the “church” will be an extension of Christs’ love and that He will give us the discernment and the words to speak. Thank you for your faithfulness and encouragement.

    PS Just a quick note of thanks to you and all the players, and Chris Singleton for sharing your testimonies with us at Fellowship Day. A huge thank you for bringing in Aaron Shust to sing and lead a time of worship as well (the icing on the cake!). What a blessing! Please pass on the thank you to your chaplains and to those who organized the event. We had a wonderful time. God bless!

    Congrats on the win tonight!! We listened to the game on our drive home back to Humboldt County.

  2. Just wanted to say that I saw your testimony from Faith Day this year on YouTube. Hearing you talk about the lesson of the copper pipe in person just solidified it even more for me. Sometimes I feel like I am drifting away from my faith, but then I come to your blog and it brings me right back to where I should be. Judgement ends when you access/turn on the hot water. It’s really that simple! Thank you, Jeremy!

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