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A Vision of Hell

It is obvious that God is all about love, because He sent His son to die for us. To me, that’s probably the truest aspect of why God sent Jesus into play. And Jesus was careful to tell us, over and over, “Do not judge. Love each other, forgive each other, do not judge each other.”

But if God wants us to love each other, and not judge each other, then why do we have prisons? Why do we have police departments and jails? Why are there consequences, here and now, for our actions?

William Blake and I have a similar vision of hell!

We have to keep order on the earth. We can’t afford moral relativism. There is a point where we have to draw a line, where we can’t say, to each their own. If you were to just let everybody say, “Well, to each their own,” then you’d have no answer for theft, or murder, or sex trafficking, or dealing drugs, or a host of other activities that people use to cause harm to one another.

To say that we should replace judgment with love is not the same as saying truth is relative, or that there is no truth. If we have no shared moral code as human beings, then there will be chaos. Complete chaos!

I mean, you could have a person say, “Why don’t we just let the babies in the refugee camps of the African Horn die? If it’s all about survival of the fittest, well, those babies are littler than us. They are weaker than us. Just let them die.”*

Just let the babies suffering from drought, war, and malnutrition die? Someone might reply, “Man, that’s harsh!” And the devil’s advocate would say, “Well, wait a minute, if truth is relative, then that’s my truth. You can’t tell me I’m wrong!” Moral relativism leads to arguments without any conclusion:

“Why do you say I’m wrong?”

“Well, because it’s not right to let babies die.”

“Well, I disagree.”

I mean, where do you go from there? There’s nowhere to go! So you’d have complete chaos. I truly believe this is what hell will be like. The gnashing of teeth will come from people just constantly arguing in their selfishness. “I’m right!” “No I’m right!” “No I’m right!”

Can you imagine an eternity of that? I mean, just a couple of hours of debate can drain you mentally. Imagine an eternity of debate in our selfishness!

So there have to be rules, and that’s why I think God gave us rules. But how do we help the sinner? More on this next time. See you Saturday.

*I know that this kind of thinking completely misunderstands the theory of evolution! But I still hear people use it this way, because they think “fittest” means “strongest.” Of course the theory of evolution says that species survive when they are best suited to their environment, meaning they “fit,” kind of like the way a key fits a lock, and that they become suited to their environment by adapting to it.

One thought on “A Vision of Hell

  1. Hi Jeremy, very well put. I personally think the gnashing of teeth will come when people realize that they missed the love of God. They didn’t have to spend eternity in darkness. They will be able to look back on all the opportunities the Lord gave them to turn to Him but they refused so He turned them over to their desires and with that came a reprobate mind. I know that’s purely speculation on my part, but can you imagine knowing the opportunity to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ but refused because of pride. Our own consciences tell us we need a savior and people tend to look for their own way instead of God’s way. Looking forward in reading your next post…

    PS heading to the game on Fri and Sat. so excited! My husband and I (and another couple) are very excited for Fellowship Day! Go Giants!!

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