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Free2Play on Facebook

I’d love to get my readers to use the Free2Play app on Facebook together with their friends. Let me show you how fun and easy it is to use.

When you click the link, you’ll see the following screen:

If you like, you can watch the 2.5 minute video about Free2Play.

You’ll probably have to scroll to see the bottom half of the app’s screen, which looks like this:

On the left, you can read a fast explanation of Free2Play and get a couple of tips on how to use it.  On the right, you can view a slideshow that highlights the Free2Play players and their pledges.

Are you logged into Facebook?  Then go ahead and click the large button that says, “PLAY BALL.”  That takes you to this screen:

This roster belongs to one of the app’s users. Beth has just added Curtis Granderson to her roster, and finished building her outfield.

Now she would like to add Matt Cain.  See how she has clicked the arrow next to Granderson’s name, which launched a search screen.  She typed in “Cai” which returned a list of players, and she can choose Matt’s name from the list.

If she wants to, then right next to that, she can click the arrow next to “pitches an inning,” and select a different accomplishment from the drop-down list, such as “Pitches a Winning Game.

She’s chosen to pledge one dollar, and has set a monthly maximum of $50.00.  After she clicked the large green plus sign, Matt was added to her roster. Once you’re  done building your team, the app will ask you for billing information.

Next, you can post the roster to your wall and challenge your friends. For example, you and your friends can each build a complete team and then compete. Imagine how this can work. Begin by setting some rules. Let’s say no one is allowed to pledge more than $5.00 per player, and no one is allowed to pledge more than $75.00 maximum per month. At the end of each month, the one who comes closest to the maximum wins, and the others have to take him or her to a ball game.

Part of your victory will depend on how good you are at choosing players, and part of your victory will depend on how good you are at selecting the activity for which you’ll donate. For example, right now Josh Hamilton leads the American League in RBIs, while Jason Kipnis leads the league in stolen bases. So you might do better by drafting Kipnis for stolen bases instead of RBIs, and Hamilton for RBIs instead of stolen bases. Challenge yourself! You can play with this all season long, and make changes anytime you want.

You’re not restricted to choosing players who have pledged to Free2Play. You can draft any player to your team! Use your baseball smarts to build your roster. This is similar to fantasy baseball, is just as much fun, and helps free children from slavery.

Of course, if you choose players who have pledged, your pledge is added to theirs, and they are encouraged by your support. That’s something to think about! But just remember this: your little bit, joined with everyone else’s little bit, becomes a lot. It can do a lot of damage.

The app itself has a great “how-to” feature.  At any time, you can click the orange question mark next to “Add to Roster,” and you’ll be given a quick and easy tour of the app.

Have fun with this, and let me know how your team is doing.  See you Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Free2Play on Facebook

  1. Thanks Jeremy! I did sign up for the app and I also ordered a few items from the Not For Sale website including the Free 2 Play t-shirt. The human trafficking problem was brought to my attention through being a member of the Junior League and our SPAC (State Public Affairs Committee) representatives. Thank you for helping spread the word about this issue.

    Christina Mauro

  2. I think the Free2Play concept is fantastic and I love everything that Not For Sale is doing with Free2Play, Free2Work, Free2Rock, etc. I just wish there was an alternate way to get involved without using Facebook. Maybe NFS will develop an independent application at some point. Regardless, thanks for your dedication and passion– it’s contagious!

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