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Beacons of Love

If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? 1 John 4:20

Why do people who aren’t Christians hate us? They look at us and say “You’re just a bunch of Bible thumpers who are homophobic and you don’t love anybody.”

We’ve brought that on ourselves. We’ve got gay people out there pushing for gay rights and gay marriage, and we’ve got Christians saying “God hates you.” I get so angry because that’s not true. God loves you. Jesus walks with the gay community. I think He would say, “I love you just as I love someone who is not gay. I love you as a human being. I just love you.”

Do I personally think that Jesus would have approved of that lifestyle? No, I don’t think He would, because the Bible says He doesn’t. But that does not mean that He doesn’t love them. It does not mean that I can’t hang out and just say, “Hey, I differ in my opinion, but I love you as a human being.” And maybe if more of us did that, Christians wouldn’t be so hated everywhere we go.

I don’t think we’re showing the love of Jesus. I think we want to push our own agendas so much that we have quit loving people.

Do we love our neighbors as ourselves?  A buddy pointed out to me that we’ve built backyard fences, and we no longer build porches.  Is it because we don’t want to love our neighbor as ourselves? Here’s what our fences say: We want to be in our own area. Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, don’t speak to me, give me my privacy.

Where are the front porches, where people come over and have lemonade and hang out and talk and enjoy each other and just be a community? We’ve gone so far away from that.

Churches need to quit going out fifteen miles from a city, buying a big chunk of land, building a humongous church, and then telling people, “Come to us.”  What is that?  That doesn’t make sense.

The Church needs to go to them.  We need to be with them.

That’s where Jesus is! That’s where I think He would walk. Jesus said all the time, “You call me a drunk and a glutton because I hang with sinners.  I hang in the bars, I hang in the slums, or I eat with people that aren’t your people.”

He said it to the religious leaders all the time. “You guys think you’re so great. I don’t even want to hang out with you people. I’d rather hang out with sinners.” Sinners loved Jesus!  But do sinners love Christians?

As Christians and as a church, we have to change.  We have got to start loving our neighbors. We have got to start setting the captives free. We have got to start feeding the poor.  We have got to do more things, man.

It’s all about community.  We need to be helping and providing.  We should be the leaders in our communities for the simple reason that we just straight, flat-out love our neighbors.  We could be beacons of love.

2 thoughts on “Beacons of Love

  1. Hey Jeremy, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I really appreciate you and your blog. I get notifications in my email that you have a new post so I’m blessed on a regular basis by them. I just wanted to say thanks for being someone who pays attention to the fans. I met you in Arizona at Scottsdale stadium and you took a pic with me and signed my hat. It really made me feel good 😉 I had been praying Lord if I can just meet Affeldt and Lincecum I’ll be sooo grateful. Thanks for taking the time to sign that day.
    You’re such a bright light in an otherwise darkish time in my life right now. I guess sort of a transition phase. I’ve been going to church and have been saved since October 05. I went to a pretty legalistic church at first and everything was about rules and religion. I’m not in a church like that anymore but there was a residue left and I’m learning more about God’s incredible grace and mercy and how to be more like Jesus. Your blog is helping me soo much.
    I had wondered why baseball came into my life since I was never ever into sports before. I went to my first Giants game in August of last year because a friend wanted someone to go with. Honestly I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind but I really ended up having fun. And so I was hooked. Ive met a few great people/Giants fans Who are christians too and sone who arent and I think God has used Baseball to connect Me with people I normally wouldnt connect with which is pretty cool. Broadening the horizon I guess 😉 I’ve been to a lot of games this year so far and one of my mine and my friend Liz’s favorite things to do after a game is to wait by the parking lot where the players drive out and wave bye to them. We saw you the other day and you were eating a Popsicle. Just thought I’d share that with you cos it’s fun for us.
    Please keep blogging and telling the truth Jeremy. You’re my favorite Giant.
    Have a blessed week my friend,

  2. I just experienced yet another failure of leadership at a job (not my failure, not this time at any rate), and the failure came from the fact that the people at the top led from fear, not love. It’s a stark difference. This is such a wonderful view of leadership, and Christians probably would be our world’s great leaders if they would set out not to lead, but to love. What a vision you have, Jeremy! “From God’s lips to your ears,” that’s how it feels, reading your blog.

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