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Hot Water

Hopefully you’ve been following my posts over the last couple of months about the lesson of the copper pipe, and if you have, you might now be saying, “Jeremy, I follow you. I know in our flesh we are all copper pipes. Every person is the same. We’re all made of the same flesh. And just like copper pipes, we can’t change what we are. But just like copper pipes, we can be changed. We can be changed by God, who flows through us like hot water. When we access the hot water of the Spirit, we don’t judge our neighbors, we love our neighbors. We love our neighbors as ourselves, just as Jesus told us to do.”

I hope that’s what you’re saying! And if you are, then you might also be saying, “But Jeremy, how do I access that hot water? How can I feel God’s Spirit flowing through me?”

I think we do it through prayer. Prayer is how we hit that hot water. We access the Spirit of God by asking. Jesus says it. He says, “Man, you have not because you ask not! Seek, knock, and you will find the ultimate door. You’ve got to seek me.”

Think about those times when you stop for a minute and realize that you’re irritable. Pray about it! Tell God you need Him. Say, “God, I need you. I’m irritable right now. Spirit of God, I need you to run that peace through me, your peace that surpasses all understanding. I don’t want to be irritable. I don’t believe irritability is going to do anything positive right now. I need you to give me peace, and I need you to show me what to say, and I need you to show me how to act. Give me the voice that I need to have right now.”

Here’s another one that we all face, especially men. Tell God when you’re really feeling lustful. Pray to Him and ask Him, “Give me eyes of purity.” If you’re married, ask God to let you seek your wife in love, and not another woman. If you’re not married, then ask God to keep your eyes pure and let you know that the woman you’re looking at is a child of His, created in beauty. Ask Him to show you that you need to treat her like one of His children, and not as an object of your desire. Go to God and say, “Help me with this.”

These things are already inside of you. The Spirit of God is already inside of you. And that is where prayer is going to help. It is through knowing that God’s Spirit is already there inside of you that you start praying, asking and receiving. Just remember that you can’t have anything unless you ask for it. I don’t think God just says one day, “You know, I’m going to give peace to this guy. He looks like He needs it.” I don’t necessarily think so!

I think God gives you gifts. But if you’re struggling in your flesh and you want something from Him, if you’re craving His peace, then ask for it! It’s already inside of you. It’s already there. You just have to access it.

See you Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Hot Water

  1. Hey Jeremy, your copper pipe series has been fantastic and I’ve shared several of them as updates on my Facebook page to spread the message. So much about what you said about loving and not judging resonated with me. I was driving into work this morning and heard ‘Jesus, Friend of Sinners’ by Casting Crowns on the radio and it seemed to sum up a lot of the message of the copper pipe series. Check out the lyrics when you get a chance (http://www.elyrics.net/read/c/casting-crowns-lyrics/jesus,-friend-of-sinners-lyrics.html) and thanks for continuing to write such real, inspired and practical messages. You are a true blessing. Scott

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. This post really resonated within me. I have found strength through my Higher Power, and I know all I need to do is get down on my knees and pray about whatever it is that I am having issue with. I also have a God Box, where I write down what it is that is bothering me and I put it in the Box. It really helps me Turn it Over. I truly believe that if I Let Go, and Let God, my HP will guide me in the direction I need to go (not always necessarily the direction I WANT to go!).

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