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Don’t Forget Jesus!

There are times when you’re going to be happy, and there are times when you’re not. You just can’t always be happy in this life of the flesh. When sin entered the world, happiness became an inconsistent thing, something we crave as much as we know. Last time I wrote about chasing God. I pointed out that it’s okay to chase Him, because happiness is something we crave from the moment we’re born. But there’s something else we can do too, something just as important. We can remember to take Him with us.

Complete happiness is found in intimacy with the Father. You’ll feel complete happiness when you are sitting at the throne of God, and He smiles on you. That’s completion. There’s happiness. That’s the warmth and joy that you crave. That is the hot water turned on, where it’s just flowing through you, and you feel great. You have peace and you have joy. Your temper’s not flaring. You’re on an even keel and the storm’s been calmed.

I’m sure that people who walk aimlessly through life without Jesus find happiness, but I don’t think it’s as great as the happiness that comes from intimacy with Him. I have to have the happiness and the joy that comes from our King, man. But I lose Him. We all do.

Just remember that as much as you lose Jesus, you find Him again. There’s nothing like the joy you feel when you find Jesus in different places on your walk through life. You’re like a kid whose Dad or Mom has just come home. When I come home, my son sees me and he runs straight for me. “There you are, Daddy!” He runs and jumps in my arms because he’s so glad I’m home. Man, I love the smile on my son’s face when he runs and he jumps in my arms! And he says, “I’m so glad to see you!” I truly think he’s happy when he does that.

I think that’s the feeling we have each time we find God. That feeling of, “There you are!” You know? We have that same feeling of joy.

But I don’t stay home all the time. I leave again. And I come home again, and I leave, and I come home. When you’re a follower of Jesus, you’re going to lose Him during your journey in life. My son loses me because I go to work, but we lose Jesus because of our flesh. We just get distracted. He doesn’t necessarily want us to lose Him, but it’s going to happen. It’s always going to happen, until He comes again.

Even if He doesn’t go anywhere, even if He’s always there, we’re going to lose Him. And the irony is, we lose Him because we’re trying to find happiness. We lose Jesus and we’re not feeling happy, so we think, “Well, this thing I can get will make me happy.” And Jesus says, “No, stick with me, you’ll be happy.” “Yeah,” we say, “but there’s this outfit, or this car, or this new hunting trip (in my case) that I need. It will make me even happier.” And Jesus says, “Well, it won’t. It will bring you temporary happiness, you’re right about that. And that’s why I want you to have it. I created that want in you, so go ahead. But just remember, that’s not it. If you forget about me, if you forget about intimacy with me and devotional time with me, if you forget to bring me along with you, if you forget to understand that we still need to talk and dialogue, you’ll lose me.”

I really think that’s what He says!  So that means the surest way to be happy is this: don’t forget Jesus. See you Saturday.

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