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The Pursuit of Happiness, Part 2

I’m not always happy. I know what it feels like to be happy, but I’m not always there. When I’m not there, I’m saying, “I know what happiness feels like, and I’m going to chase it.” That’s part of our journey through life! The pursuit of happiness is just part of it.

I mean, happiness is what your soul craves. From the time it comes out of the womb, I think it craves that peaceful feeling. It craves that feeling where you say, “This is good, you know. This is good.” I’ve felt it. I’ve had times when I’m saying, “Man! This is great. I’m so happy right now, with just everything.” And then I’ve gone through seasons where I’m just not happy at all.

It’s okay to not be happy. That creates a stronger faith in you. When you have to go through seasons of turmoil, it makes faith better. Everybody goes through times when they say, “Man, life sucks!” That’s because it’s true! Life does suck, because it’s not the way it’s supposed to be. Heaven is what life is supposed to be.

The time for perfect happiness is Heaven. You’ll feel pure joy or pure happiness when you are with Jesus. We are trying to bring Heaven to earth. That’s part of what we’re doing. But for now, life is not always just simply happy.

Life is frustrating, and it is hard. It would be even harder without Jesus. I need Jesus. I’ve got to have more of Jesus. I’ve got to have Him, man. I go through dry spells with Him where I’m reading the Bible and it feels like I’m reading blank pages. Nothing’s really touching me. And I’m saying, “God, are you there? I mean, c’mon, man! This sucks! I’m just not feeling that great right now.”

But it is that striving for Him that makes it better when I find Him. I think He hears me calling out to Him, and He looks at me and says, “I’m right over here, by the way, you just don’t know it. And when you do find me, I’m going to smile at you again.” And there it is. I find Him again, and there it is. “Oh, man, there you are. There’s that joy.”

Happiness is when you have intimacy with God. I mean, it’s when you feel so close to Him that it feels just like you’re locked in. But there will be times when you’re not locked in, and you will crave Him, and you will try to find Him. And I think God’s okay with that, I really do. I think that He’s okay with you chasing Him.

See you Wednesday.

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