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Walk in Love

It would be so cool to feel like I could walk down the street and be loved for who I stand for. I wish that I could walk up to people, and they would know I stand for Jesus, and not be wary of me. Now they say, “Oh, here we go, Bible thumper guy.” Or they say, “You know what, I hate you Christians because of how you act.”

Christ was loved by the majority of people that He walked around with. But His followers now are not.

There are times when people want to go to the Christian and ask for help. These are people with nowhere else to go. They’re struggling. They think, “Maybe he’ll pray for me. Maybe he can help me.” How do you think they feel when they go to that Christian, and instead of getting love and help, they get judged? There is immediate anger.

Think about why that is. People are asking for help and they’re getting judged! We’re not helping them, we’re just telling them how bad they are! It happens to me. Sometimes I don’t access God’s Spirit quickly enough. I try to, but sometimes it’s too late or I’m just too tired, or I just feel like getting mad. I’ve done it! I’ve done it this year.

But there’s no room for that. There’s no grace there. The only person that should be telling anyone how bad they are is the guy that wrote in the sand, the one that said, “Who’s going to cast the first stone?” That’s the only guy that has a right to say anything to anybody. No one else.

And that guy? Jesus? Sinners loved him. The outsiders. People that were considered outcasts, and evil. They loved that guy. That really intrigues me. I’m really intrigued by a guy that walked the earth and was so loved by everybody. If anybody had an issue with Him, it was the leaders, the authorities that actually believed in His Father. I fear that I would have been one of the people rejecting Jesus, you know, not believing in who He is, or not wanting to be around Him, or judging Him. I’m afraid of that.

I’m trying to change the public’s perception of Christians. I think a New Testament Christian should be someone that walks in love, and simply loves his neighbor as himself. Oh, how I crave to be able to look at everybody the same, to love on them, to be able to help and encourage them, and to know how to access that hot water.

It’s so hard to do, but I try to do it the best I can. I try not to judge, and when I do, I try to remember to replace that judgment with love and encouragement. I think I do it better now than I’ve ever done it before, because I’m starting to understand these concepts. But I’m nowhere near where I need to be.

See you Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Walk in Love

  1. Last weekend I attended a concert in San Jose and something interesting happened outside the sports venue. There was a huge crowd of us waiting to get inside, and outside I saw a man with one of those loudspeakers. He was getting a lot of attention– talking about his love for Jesus, talking about sinners, trying to get others to accept Christ, etc.

    People were laughing at him. Mocking him. They called him crazy. I heard people yelling out some pretty negative things about Christians. He didn’t retaliate. In fact, when someone tried to start something with him, I heard him refuse and say how he loves his neighbor. I’m not even sure how this relates to your blog post, but for some reason, it just reminded me of the public’s perception of Christians. So many people laugh at the “Bible thumpers” and think they are complete lunatics. They lump all Christians together and view us with such a negative light. How can we change that?

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