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Lest You Become Like Them

The righteous should choose his friends carefully,
For the way of the wicked leads them astray
. Proverbs 12:26

After these last few blog posts, you can see that the lesson of the copper pipe has been so big for me. This is how I deal with my judgment now. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new way of relating and I’m so much more comfortable now. It’s an encouragement to me to think of human beings in their flesh – including me – as copper pipes, and to think of Jesus as the hot water.

We had a great discussion around my last post, about believers and non-believers. I feel very strongly that we are going to have all kinds of people in our lives. If we can stop judging people, then we can better love them and witness to them.

Still, the Bible says, “Be careful in who you hang out with lest you become like them.” Does that mean believers should shut themselves off from non-believers? I don’t think so! I don’t fear non-believers. In Christ, I don’t fear becoming like them.

Remember, Jesus is the hot water. Hot water flows through a copper pipe and the pipe changes. It gets hot. I may not be able to change myself, but I can be changed. Jesus can change me. I can turn that hot water on, Jesus can flow through me, and I can change.

I don’t have to turn on the hot water, of course. I can continue to live in my irritability and say, “What can I do? I will never change in my flesh. I’m a copper pipe, and always will be, and so is everyone else.”

But why would I do that, when I can access Christ? I can access the hot water. And the quicker I do it, the quicker I’m going to change. I’m hitting that hot water, and that hot water is staying on a little longer, and it’s running through me a little more. In essence, we remain the same in our flesh, but the hot water changes us spiritually.

That’s why I don’t fear hanging out with non-believers. I have access to all the hot water I need. And the more I hit that hot water, the faster I can send it through me, and feel peace come over me.

It’s through the hot water, it’s through Christ, that we start living in peace. And if you’re at peace, you’re slow to anger. You’re quick to forgive. And you become an encourager. You don’t have to be angry all the time, or deal with the burdens of lust or fear. This is the whole awesomeness of Jesus. Whatever our particular burden of sin might be, in Christ we don’t have to be that way.

The hot water of Jesus will turn you into a blessing to non-believers. More on that next time. See you Saturday.

One thought on “Lest You Become Like Them

  1. It’s such a blessing to read your post and it’s such a joy to know that you are so excited about Jesus!
    If the Lord didn’t want us around non-believers, He would have saved us and immediately taken us home to be with Him. I’m so grateful for the Holy Spirit’s keeping power – it encourages and refreshes us, it teaches us to love with Christ’s love, it convicts us and it strengthens us to be a light for the Lord’s glory. I am especially thankful for the peace that passes understanding. It’s truly an adventure being a Jesus freak 🙂 God bless!

    Go Giants!!!!

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