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Discipleship Mentality

The resurrection is power, man. Resurrection power says, “I have conquered death. I have given eternal life.”

When Jesus resurrected, He said, “Now you live in a family in which your sins have been taken from you. Now you live in a family in which death has been conquered. I have died for your sins, and I have resurrected, giving you new life.”

I am in the family of God because I believe in who He is and what He’s done for me. I’ve been justified. I’ve been justified because of the blood of Jesus and the faith that I have in what He did.

But I believe the lifestyle of Jesus is really where it’s at. I believe in living it out. I love humanity. I love the concept of human life and why we were created. And I love God, the creator of life. So I worship that God and I serve that God. I do that by doing my best to live under the commandment that He gave us, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

I worry about those who say, “I’ve accepted Christ and I’m justified and so now I’ll just sit here in my chair and I’ll wait for the Second Coming.” I believe they will fail. They won’t find happiness that way.

There are tons and tons of people that choose salvation. They do the message, and they admit they’re a sinner, and they believe in the justification, and yet they’re not happy. They’re not happy because they’re not living the life of Jesus. The joy comes from living it. It’s about asking, how am I striving to live for Jesus? That’s it. That’s the way to happiness.

You’re starting to see more and more people on that course. Those that live the life of Jesus, man, they find joy. Think about it. Just handing some food to a homeless man or woman and walking away feels really good. It makes you happy.

Why does it feel so good? You didn’t make any money. You actually lost money doing it. You know? So that’s not why you feel good. You feel good because there’s something inside of you that says, “Man, that was awesome.” It just feels awesome to love your neighbor as yourself.

And whether you believe in Jesus or not, you just did what Jesus would do.

The sad thing is, I believe some people live their lives every day with that “love your neighbor as yourself mentality,” but they don’t believe in Jesus. I think it’s going to be a sad day when judgment comes. But even the non-believers who live out the “love your neighbor as yourself” concept find joy in this life. They find it. That lifestyle will always bring joy. It’s in everybody’s soul to be that way.

3 thoughts on “Discipleship Mentality

  1. Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” And the fulfillment of that is to live like Jesus did, He truly was our greatest example in loving. My goodness, it would be wonderful if people would understand it as you’ve shared. What a blessed/happy/joyful life they would lead!
    One way to overcome the onset of depression is to quit looking inward and look outward and upward and find someone in need or perhaps just a neighbor do something for them. Something as simple as baking some cookies and giving them away, or make some bread and give a loaf away, buy some warm socks and give to someone on the streets, or a sandwich. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to come from the willingness of heart to love and serve others. I believe it’s what we are called to do, it’s living out our faith walk to glorify the Lord. It’s not to boast or get a pat on the back, but it’s our reasonable service to honor Christ and we will be rewarded in greater ways, better than this world could ever give! To God be all the glory!

    God bless and looking forward to the new baseball season coming up, as a matter of fact I will be attending my first spring training games with some of my family (it was a Christmas gift from them!), I’m so excited!!!

  2. Great post, Jeremy. This is exactly how we need to live out life as disciples of Christ. You’ve written a good reminder of how we choose to do good works as a result of who we are in Christ – and NOT doing good works to get to Christ – THAT is an important distinction. We are saved by the grace of God through Christ, and once saved, we should choose to do the good works that He asks us to do.

    Thanks for this bro!

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