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The Simplest of Rules

You see a lot of wealthy people that are not very happy. They always seem to need more. But they get more, and they’re still not very happy. It’s because they don’t understand why they’re wealthy. We’re here on this planet for the simplest of reasons: to love our neighbors as ourselves. And when we do that, we’re happy.

Loving your neighbor as yourself is fulfilling. Whether you’re rich or poor or in between, your joy will come from the way you use the gifts you’ve been given. This is what I teach my children. Life isn’t about how much money you make. Life is about what you do with the gifts you’ve been given.

What are we supposed to do with the gifts we’ve been given? We’re supposed to live the lifestyle of Jesus.

That’s why I’ve been writing about One World Futbol. I don’t know if the indestructible soccer ball’s inventor believes in Jesus or not. But I can tell you this: he has fulfillment. He gets it. He understands that he’s been given the ability to invent things, and he uses his gift to serve others. There is a joy that he feels that is just amazing.

If he doesn’t believe in Jesus, I’d be happy to be the one to tell him about that joy he’s feeling. That’s the joy of Jesus.

Do you believe in Jesus? If so, how do you use your gifts? Do you use them to serve others? Then congratulations! You’re on the discipleship course. You are living the lifestyle of Jesus.

We’ve talked before about how some people teach that all you have to do is accept Christ, and after that, you just sit around and wait for the Second Coming. But there’s so much more to the lifestyle of Jesus.

I truly, truly, truly, believe this. I know that it will stir some people up when I say salvation isn’t all there is. And it’s not that I don’t think it isn’t fundamental. I believe it’s a key part. I believe you have to be saved. You have to recognize what Jesus Christ did. You have to know He died on that cross. He took your sins. He took the blame. He took it all.

But He also taught us to pray for God’s kingdom on earth. He discipled us. He called us to live the life that He lived.

And that’s simple. Love your neighbor as yourself. When I do that, I feel like I’m fulfilling my life’s goal.

Whatever sport I played as a kid, I always had the equipment for it. Now I’ll go buy whatever I need. If my kids want to play something and they don’t have what they need, I go and get it, a soccer ball, a baseball, a glove, a football, or a basketball.

I love my sons and want them to have what they need. I love my neighbor as myself, so I want my neighbors to have what they need. That’s why I help One World Futbol give soccer balls to kids who need them.

Loving my neighbor as myself is the concept that I’ve built my life around. And when I do it, I’m fulfilled. It’s fulfilling to do something good. It’s especially fulfilling to do something good for somebody else, for no reason. It’s fulfilling to do something good simply because you love humanity. It feels great! More on this next time. See you Saturday.

2 thoughts on “The Simplest of Rules

  1. I think it’s important to live life with an open mind and an open heart. To be selfless and compassionate. To reach out to others and to give to others without expecting something in return. That’s the Christian way. It sounds so simple, but there is nothing more fulfilling!

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