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A Giving Spirit

A big shout-out to Chris Haft of MLB.com for writing a really flattering and well-timed article about my efforts to be a man after God’s own heart. In a piece headlined Affeldt’s giving spirit lasts year-round, Chris wrote about our upcoming Something to Eat event in Redwood City on December 3. Here’s an excerpt:

Now Affeldt is directing his attention and passion toward “Something to Eat.” Approximately 400 students — members of Generation Alive, the non-profit organization Affeldt founded — will gather in Redwood City, Calif., on Dec. 3 to package meals for the Kenyans. Affeldt intends to fly in from his home in Spokane, Wash., to assist in the effort. Northern California Urban Development, based in East Palo Alto, will partner with Generation Alive to further the cause.

Affeldt’s proud of the volunteers for Generation Alive, a group formed to empower young people through active service. Many of the students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, yet recognize the need to help others.

“It’s an awesome sight to see in a world that seems so selfish at times,” said Affeldt, 32. “You see kids serving people just out of purely wanting to make a difference.”

It’s a great piece. Chris nailed it. Read the full article here.

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of the King of Kings, I’ve been reflecting on the purpose of life.  You know, why we’re here.  I’ll be writing about this between now and Christmas.  See you Tuesday.

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