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Bringing the Kingdom Part 3

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Last time I wrote about how believers respond to famine by bringing abundance. We bring the Kingdom the same way that Jesus fed the five thousand: with leftovers to spare! We bring it with abundance!

We don’t want to give food to hungry people and then just disappear. Once those kids finish the food we bring, we don’t just shrug and say, “Oh well, hope someone else helps.” When we host a Something to Eat event, we don’t give up.

With your help, our December 3rd Something to Eat even in Palo Alto will send 135,000 meals just like these to famine-stricken families in southern Ethiopia.

We want to give them food, but we also want to help make their communities healthy and sustainable. That way they will always have enough food, and then more. This is how we save lives. Our mission is to REACH out to communities that are hungry, or that are struggling with sickness and disease because they don’t have clean water. We reach out with a comprehensive program of freedom from slavery, food, clean water, housing, and industry. The communities we reach out to will have more than enough. Because they are able to live, they’ll enjoy the abundance of Jesus.

That’s what we bring. That’s bringing the Good News. We help with hunger in ways that result in sustainable situations.

We’ll always have work to do. If we humans could solve all the hunger problems on earth, we wouldn’t need Jesus. But hunger won’t end until He comes back. When He comes, He’ll say, “I have now come to redeem the world. This is it. I died on the cross and now I have come back. And it’s over. Now no pain. Now no hunger. Now no thirst.”

We’re going to have the fullness of Christ when He comes back. I truly believe that. But until He does, all we’re called to do is to be His ambassadors, and do our best to bring the Good News. We’re called to restore love and redemption to people as much as we can until He comes back.

When we fail to do that, we fail to do what He’s asked us to do as Ambassadors of Christ. This is the journey that He’s called us to continue to follow until He comes back.

I’m betting that there’s going to be hunger and thirst until Jesus comes back. But until then, I’m going to do the most that I can do to make sure these people can eat, and they can drink, and they can live, and they can understand who Jesus is. See you Tuesday.

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