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More on My Calling

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We’re called to all kinds of different ministries. We’re the Body of Christ! Some of us are hands, some of us are feet, some of us are eyes, some of us are ears, some of us are His voice.

Some of us do studies on the problems of poverty and slavery, and others come up with programs or ministries to alleviate those problems. If no one conducted those studies or created those ministries, I wouldn’t have even heard of the problems of the poor.

There are a lot of people called to help and they don’t even know it yet. I didn’t know I was called until three years ago. So part of my calling is to make sure that people know what we can do to free the slaves, feed the hungry, bring water to the thirsty, and build homes for orphans. I want to bring awareness. Because when you hear about the suffering of others, you’re going to feel it. You’re going to be called.

A lot of people want to help but they don’t know where to start. And they don’t know who to trust! Think about all the different well-digging organizations. Who are you going to trust? We hear about the ones that put in a well but never go back and check on it. They did their “good deed.” So they stop paying attention and the well breaks.

Even worse, they might not even be digging wells! There are people that promote good in order to steal. They make a lot of promises, you give them money, and they walk. There was a guy in Oakland proclaiming Christ’s return on some particular day. He told people, “Give me tons of money so I can help promote this.” People gave up their life savings and nothing happened. Meanwhile, he ran away with their money.

I get the word out about groups that I know personally. I believe that I carry a spirit upon me that is true and good. When I partner with a company it’s because I truly trust the people involved. I see what they’re doing and I know it’s sustainable.

I want to do my part too, but I want to do it well! I don’t want to just build a well somewhere and forget about it. I don’t want to just build one orphanage and then say, “I built an orphanage, I’m good for my life now.” There are too many opportunities out there! As long as I can help people, I’m going to try.

Here’s a recent photo of the orphanage going up in Uganda.  The project is being done in partnership between the Global Orphan Project, fellow Giants pitcher Matt Cain, Generation Alive, and the Jeremy Affeldt Foundation:

It seems good to me, what I’ve done. It seems like I’m on the right path. I try not to be a boastful person, but one who knows where his strength comes from. It seems like I’m hearing the Spirit well.

I also believe that God’s going to tell me if He wants me to change or if He wants me to continue. I’ve got to be open to Him, and willing to let Him speak into my life and tell me what to do. So far, it’s been awesome.

It’s time to start talking about bringing the kingdom. See you Friday.

2 thoughts on “More on My Calling

  1. Great word brother! I work with High School students & my greatest goal is to create an environment where they can respond to God’s call on their life no matter what it looks like. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart. It is great to see and hear of people that recognize that a gospel that lacks hands and feet is no gospel at all.

    My name is Jason McPherson and I am a minister in Independence, MO. In the last year or two, I have sensed what I can only describe as a divine unrest with my life. While I believe God is using my wife and I to shape, teach, and invest into the lives of the people at our local church and community, I believe God may be calling us to greater things. However, at this point, we are not sure what that looks like. At some point, we would love to adopt children as well as open up our home to foster children. What better way than to be the hands and feet of Jesus than by welcoming a child into your life and home?

    I hope that God continues to use you to help bring about God’s Kingdom here on earth.

    Jason McPherson

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