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At Giants Faith Day

We had the biggest group at Giants Faith Day since I started participating, and we had some awesome testimonials. @MattBaquiran recorded us and put the videos on YouTube. Here’s my testimony. Thanks to everyone for this opportunity to share my story.

9 thoughts on “At Giants Faith Day

  1. This was really a great thing to see. We heard about Faith Day last year and could not wait to go this year. It was my son’s 7th birthday that day. It was awesome for him to see some impressive men talking about their walk with God. Thank you for sharing and for being a role model for my son.

  2. We took our son for his 7th birthday to this event. It was awesome. He loves baseball, loves the Giants and loves Jesus. Thank you for sharing so he could see that you do too. Although, he did say that he can steer his bike pretty good. (Guess it went a little over his head) LOL. Thank you for sharing

  3. That was great! Thanks for sharing and for doing that. I’d been to the Reds Faith Day 3 out of the last 4 years, but unfortunately missed the year you were there. 😦 I’ll have to make sure and watch the other videos too. Glad that this was recorded to see! 🙂

  4. I couldn’t make it to the game (was there the night before however) so I was thrilled to see the vids of you and your teammates on You Tube. Good words, brother! Keep discipling in the ‘pen and in the dugout!

  5. This is wonderful, wish I could have been there but I’m so glad it’s been recorded. I enjoyed all the testimonies. It’s fantastic that there is a venue there to share your faith in Jesus Christ so openly. Praise the Lord!

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