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Solus Christus, Part 4

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As I wrote last time, my tattoo is an expression of the way I live my life. It reminds me of who I am. When I do something, I do it with the understanding that I do it in Christ.

But suppose I fail, and I know I will. Suppose I choose a route that I should not have chosen. Suppose I do something that involves sin. That will not be something that I do in Christ. That will be something that I’ve done in my flesh. There’s a distinction to be made there.

But when I realize my sin, I also realize that I’ve been redeemed. With what have I been redeemed? Solus Christus. In whom have I been redeemed? Solus Christus. In Christ I am redeemed. In Christ I am righteous. It’s why I don’t live in guilt. I’m free, because my freedom comes in Christ.

That’s how I can live my life with such passion. I don’t look back! I don’t look behind me. When I mess up, I don’t live in sin. I don’t live in sin, because I live in Christ. So I repent.

I repent for my sin because that’s the only way to get better. I recognize my sin and I recognize that I have a way out of it. Repentance challenges me to go deeper in prayer. It challenges me to deepen my commitment to living more deeply in Christ.

So you see, this tattoo means so much to me. Everything for me happens in Christ. It’s almost like a family crest. Solus Christus. I want my sons to grow up in Christ. I want my marriage to be in Christ. When my family does things, I want us to do them in Christ. So Solus Christus is my family’s crest and shield.

It’s a great conversation piece. I’ve had great conversations with a lot of different people about this. You know what? This tattoo has created all kinds of opportunities to talk to people about my faith. People ask, “Why did you get Solus Christus tattooed on your forearm?” And they get this 15-minute spiel that I’ve just shared with you in these blogs.

I live in Christ, I make my decisions in Christ, I repent in Christ, I challenge myself in Christ, and I want my family to be a family in Christ. That’s why I put it on my forearm. That’s why I chose those two words. And that’s why I put it in a circle. A circle is a never-ending unit. It just keeps going. And I think that’s how I am in Christ. I want to just continue to go in Christ, and never stop.

If you have a tattoo that’s really meaningful to you, I’d love to know about it. Meanwhile, next time I’m going to start a new series where I share some of my beliefs about marriage. See you Friday.

11 thoughts on “Solus Christus, Part 4

  1. This was absolutely inspirational!
    Thank you for being a great CHRISTIAN ROLE MODEL for a lot of kids my children’s age, aspiring players and athletes overall.

    We, as a family, enjoy watching you play and do good on and off the field. Can’t wait till next week…
    Thanks again.
    God Bless.

  2. I have a tattoo on my back of a cross that says ‘Unconditional Love’ I got it about 4 years ago. It was my first tattoo and I was very nervous and scared (haha) it isn’t exactly what I wanted but the sediment is right. I also have a VERY large tattoo on my forearm of a flower, it has a very thick outline and looks a little ‘off’ it represents lost innocence:

    I never really had a childhood, my parents were/are, (I don’t have a relationship with either of them so, I honestly don’t know) alcholics/drug addicts. I have 2 older brothers who used me as a punching bag, they both left home when they were 16 and I left when I was 15. I was put into foster care when I was 17. Before I was placed with a foster family, I spent a few weeks in a children’s shelter, that’s where I gave my life to Christ. I never really knew what love was before then, all of my family’s love came with so many conditions, if they even loved me at all. (I was blessed to know my great-grandpa and he loved me VERY much, if I hadn’t known his love, I probably would have thought I was incapable of being loved by anyone; Pop was the best gift God ever gave me! I miss him everyday-he passed away 5 years ago.) I struggle sometimes with Christ’s love for me. But, I know he’s with me always and I know I couldn’t be where I am now without him.

    I have tried to have a realationship with my brothers now that we’re older, we’re facebook friends, it’s a start haha.

  3. I to live in Christ. I’m actually wanting to get an angel on my right shoulder for my nana and papa who were like second parents to me while my parents worked long hours and barely got.to see them a whole lot when I was young. They helped raise me into the person I am today. I could not thank them enough for what they have done and the sacrifices they made for me and my siblings. I wish they were still with me here on earth but I know they will always be my guardian angel in heaven.

  4. So, I just typed this and I’m not sure it was sent..if you did get it the first time, I’m sorry. This is the way my day has gone haha.

    I have two tattoos. One is a cross on my back that says ‘Unconditional Love’ the message is right, but it isn’t the way I wanted, I was very nervous and just nodded and said uh huh a lot! Don’t do that!! Consider yourselves warned!
    The other one is a VERY large flower on my forarm, it has a thick black outline and it looks a little ‘off’, it represents lost innocence:

    I didn’t really have a chidhood, my parent divorced after I was born and my brothers and I
    were raised by my father, kind of.(I didn’t put that in the first comment..)My brothers used me as a punching bag, and I did the same to them-no where near as effective though. My brothers left home when they were 16 and I did the same. When I was 17, I was put into foster care. Before I was placed with a family, I was in a children’s shelter for a few weeks. That’s where I found Jesus, I’m 31 now and I’m still AMAZED by his love for me. My family’s love always came with conditions. Except for my great grandpa, Pop was the most amazing man I’ve ever met, he loved me just because I was his. If I hadn’t had his love, I’d never be able to believe that anyone could love me. I still have a hard time with it at it is. But, I know that without Christ, I would never be where I am now.

    I have tried to have some kind of relationship with my brothers now that we’re older. We’re facebook friends, guess that’s a start..again, sorry if you got this the first time I sent it.

  5. Jeremy

    I grew up with your dad in brainerd mn. I have never met you but I am very proud of your outspoken faith.

  6. I have “Ephesians 5:2” tattooed on my right forearm. Took me a long time to decide what I wanted because it had to be something that means something and nothing I will regret later in life.
    – Aline

  7. Hi, Jeremy. I have a question. This may seem like a “stupid” question, but I’ve heard about these situations where people supposedly start losing faith in God for certain reasons. Have you ever been through that? Have you ever started to lose faith? And if you have, what pulled you back in?

  8. I have 8 small tattoo’s. I love all of mine and I do not regret any of mine. I plan on getting a larger tattoo for my grandma who passed in 1999. It will be based on our Russian heritage and her faith.

  9. God bless you Jeremy. As a Christian and Giants fan, I thank you for spreading the Gospel in ways that can reach non-believers that are fans of you. Keep up the Lords work.

  10. I stumbled upon your blog after searching for ideas on a Solus Christus tattoo. My mission pastor was replying to my txt msg bible verses with the 5 Solas. That led me to investigate what they all meant. I picked Solus Christus because “In Christ” we should all live freely. It should be the family crest for all believers. Every son and daughter who professes faith in the Kingdom of God is able because of Christ. So in Christ, Solus Christus, we announce our faith, our values, our beliefs, and our character to those around us. I love the fact that with a tattoo such as this, it does create a way to spread the Gospel. I just wanted to say thank you for this blog and the testimony behind its meaning.

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