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Solus Christus, Part 1

It’s going to take me several blog posts to share all the thinking that went into my tattoo. Today I’m just going to tell you about getting it.

We have a friend who’s a tattoo artist in Seattle. He’s interested in the tattoo-related history of San Fran, but he’d never been here, so he flew down with his wife for a visit. He brought his tools with him, so Larisa and I got our tattoos at home.

We sent our son to Chuck E. Cheese’s while we were doing the tattoos. He’s three and a half, so he’s all over the place. I want a tattoo, but I don’t want one with a random line going up my arm!

He blew my mind when he came home. He’s so observant. He ran in the house yelling, “Dad, I’m home!” I called out, “Hey, Buddy,” and he came running in the room. He was just about to give me a hug when he came to a full stop. He was literally three feet away from me. He looked down at my arm and said, “What’s that?” It was unbelievable, how quickly he noticed it. I was amazed!

He asked me, “What’s on your arm?” I told him, and right away, he said, “I want one!”

“Well,” I told him, “you know, I’m not against that, but I might have a lot of people asking me a lot of questions if my three and a half year-old son shows up with a tattoo on his arm. And I think when you’re fifteen or sixteen years old, and you look down and have a tattoo of Go, Diego Go! on your arm, you’re probably going to be a little upset with me for allowing that. So I really can’t allow that, Buddy.”

So he asked me, “Can I get something fun?” And I said “Sure!” Larisa got online and ordered some of those little kid sticker tattoos. I was on a road trip when they came in the mail, so she texted me a picture of him. She told me he wanted it on the same exact part of his arm as I had it on. He was so proud of it!

We tricked him a little bit. He can change his, and he wants to know why I don’t change mine. He doesn’t realize that mine is permanent.

This is fun! You see, now one of my sons has said, “I want to be like my dad.” I hear that, and it’s awesome to me, because that’s exactly how I view my relationship with my Father in heaven. I want to be like Him. And I want to be like my brother Jesus, the Savior of the world. That’s how I view my marriage, and that’s how I view my family. I want to be like Him as a husband and a father, and so I try to resemble that.

Much more on this in the coming weeks! You can see the photo I took of my tattoo right after it was done at the top right of my blog here. See you Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Solus Christus, Part 1

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    This post made me smile–I love the story of your son and the tattoo. I’m a lifelong Giants fan who discovered your blog fairly recently, and I really admire the way you handle yourself both on the field and off. The segment on The Franchise when you visit Bryan Stow definitely made me and my sister tear up–it was very compelling.

    I just forwarded your foundation information to a friend living in South Asia doing work to free people trapped in slavery….I thought she would be very interested in your work.


  2. That’s such a sweet story about your little guy! Aren’t they impressionable?!! It’s such an awesome responsibility we have and a privilege the Lord has given us to set the example and standard as we are raising them up! It reminded me of the story Jesus shared about the prodigal son and even though he had messed up so badly he still could come back to his dad. The touching part is the dad was there with arms open and ran to meet him. Isn’t that the way God the Father is, so full of mercy and compassion – watching and waiting for the return of that wayward child.
    Looking forward in hearing the whys of your tatoo. Personally, I’m not into pain (ha!) and too old 😉 for that, or my not so secret desire of having a nose jewel! The position that I’m in, it would be a stumbling block rather than a witness. So I’ve chosen to wait until God writes on me with His new name!! (Rev. 3:12) But in all things to God be the glory!

    Nice pitching last night although the umpire did miss that one that should of ended the inning, even the batter knew it! My dh and I certainly enjoy watching the games and are excited that we will be there in August to watch one in person.

    PS The store I work at we carry washable tatoo ink (a scrapbook store)

  3. Jeremy,
    A Christian brother of mine owns a tat shop here in San Francisco. He has been a part of that scene since the 70’s. If your friend ever wants to know more of the local history, let me know.

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