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The Heartbeat of God

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In places like Uganda and Haiti, poor people work harder than most Americans do, and still they only make $2 a day. That is all they get. They can’t make it on that!

Meanwhile their governments hoard money and don’t provide services. In the US, we’re required to provide clean water for houses. Why?  Because you have to have good drinking water to live. When you live somewhere where the government doesn’t have that standard and your water is contaminated, your community will die.

We can make things so much better for each other. We can end poverty. There are people working on this. They’re putting in wells. They’re running food distribution networks. They’re always thinking, “Hey, let’s figure out how to help. If people don’t have water, let’s figure out how to get them water. If they don’t have food, let’s figure out how to get them food.”

I wish churches would think that way. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind. You ask, “Where do you put most of your money?” And people say, “Well, we’re trying to do a church-building project.” I know sometimes you need it. But how often do churches do this because they really need it? Isn’t it better to ask, “Where is your focus as a church?”

Think about it. No one in your church is going to want to drink contaminated water, go without food, or make $2 a day. But that’s the daily reality for our neighbors in Uganda and Haiti, and other places in the developing world. So how do we love our neighbors as ourselves? By figuring out how to get clean water and food for them. We should be saying, “We’re trying to focus on where we are really needed in the world. That’s what we’re trying to do, because that’s what we’re supposed to do.” We’re supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Last summer, my in-laws attended a conference at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. One of the speakers there said the heartbeat of God right now is justice.

This means the heartbeat of God is helping people get good drinking water. It’s rescuing people from the sex slave industry. It’s getting food to people. It’s creating microloans to help create jobs that help people get out of huts and into actual homes.

I’ve seen these movements outside the church. Now it’s becoming a movement in the church. I think it should be the thought process of every churchgoer, of anybody who is a follower of Jesus Christ.

We’ve had a blood transfusion with Jesus. And now, if our hearts beat as His heart beats, then we need to start thinking about justice.

3 thoughts on “The Heartbeat of God

  1. I had to erase my first response because it was becoming a novel! I’m trying to condense my thoughts without being misunderstood. First, I believe that God’s heartbeat is that no one would be separated from Him for all eternity. Secondly, it’s a sad fact but the U.S. church (as a whole) has become a social club and is influenced by the world rather than the world being influenced by the church. Thirdly, there is a famine in the church for God’s Word, we are more drawn to entertainment, rather than the teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Lastly, if we as a body of Christ would obey His Word and do the works that He’s called us to do we would be taking care of all those things which you stated and it would also include the gospel message.
    The unfortunate thing is that we live in a fallen world and it’s only going to get worse (that’s what God’s Word says) nevertheless we are to do what’s right and just and not give up.
    Ok, one more thing… I like to do word studies in the Bible and the word justice was often coupled with the word judgment. Which made me think about the verse in 1 Peter 4 “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God….” The church in the U.S. needs to get it’s act together.

    God bless you, Jeremy and I trust the Giants will have a great series with the Padres, which of course would mean a sweep 🙂

  2. Jeremy, it is honestly such a gleeful experience to see you exhorting us Christians to go forth and act in such a way. I’ve been lucky to attend a college that has consistently and fervently reminded me that Micah 6:8 really explains what being a Christian is all about. Justice is not an exercise that is only performed by those in the law or even by us, every first Tuesday of November. Instead, it is constant activity and outlook, about how we treat those immediately around us and also those whose lives do not impact ours on a daily basis. Someone was saying on sports radio the other day that the real measure of us as people is who we treat people who can neither help nor hurt us. There are millions of those individuals in the world without that power–we as Christians, with capital and influence, must go to bat for them too.

    For those fans out there that don’t read your blog or follow you on Twitter, I’ve been so delighted that they have been able to see you meet with Bryan Stow (via The Franchise) or speaking out after his beating. I’m returning from PA (where my school is located) next week just in time for your LA series. AWESOME win last night, but thanks for putting our favorite sport in a universal context.


  3. I just found your blog. Praise God for another christian athlete my kids can look up too. God uses us all in so many ways. Thank you for using your talents to praise him!! I agree with your post..It is a hard place to be at times. They build churches in communities to reach the lost even in comfortable suburbia but then they sometimes forget the lost in the not so nice areas because were so busy trying to make ourselves comfortable. Do we really need a flatscreen in the bathroom? I know I have thought about this many times..Breaks my heart the kids without water and the woman treated so poorly in the world. I pray daily to stay humble and thankful and hate that I am selfish at times, we are so blessed in america but complain all the time. I just want to do what God asks of us. Looking forward to reading more posts. God Bless you!

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