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A Lot of People Doing a Little Bit

In my recent posts, I’ve been reflecting on how anyone can have a huge impact just by joining forces with a lot of other people. If we work together, we can do anything.

A lot of people doing a little bit will do more damage than one or two big corporations doing it all. A lot of people working together will produce a lot of energy. That’s more sustainable over the long run than trusting the work to a couple of large donors.

You know what else it is? It’s much more fulfilling. When you expect big corporations to shoulder the burdens of building the Kingdom, you quit. You say, “You know what? They have a lot of money, so I’ll just let them do it. And I’ll go on with my life.”

But when you do that, you don’t understand why you’re here! When you leave it up to someone else, then you don’t understand the human race. You don’t understand humanitarianism. You don’t understand why Jesus came down the set the captives free. You don’t get the grace of Jesus Christ.

Jesus didn’t go to the biggest city He could find, teach its inhabitants to follow Him, and then say, “Now you change the world.” No. He left it to a small group of people. He left it up to them to go get more people. And then it was up to those people to go get more people, and then get more people. It was up to them to grow the church of Jesus Christ. That’s what He did.

If He wanted us to leave it up to someone else, then He probably would have just opened up the heavens so everybody could see God. He would have said, “Look. The whole world can see Me. You either follow Me or you don’t, but now that you know I’m real, I suggest you follow Me. Because you see Me now, you’re going to love Me now. You’re all going to do it.”

And then He’s a dictator, and we all follow Him, and we all go to heaven.

That makes no sense! If He did that, then what was the game? What was the journey for? What was the creation for? What was the reason for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? What was the concept of that? You have to choose to love Him.

Think about it: Jesus left the Gospel with twelve teenage boys, and he said, figure it out! He left the Gospel with a prostitute and said, figure it out! He said, “Hey! I want twelve teenage boys, a prostitute, and a couple of businessmen. You go put the Gospel into the world. You create the church of Acts.” That’s what He did! And the church grew!

2 thoughts on “A Lot of People Doing a Little Bit

  1. Great post Jeremy. Our new small group is now praying through how we can best impact our community and be Christ to our neighbors. I’m going to share your post with them!

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