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Called Together

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I’m part of the Not For Sale Campaign’s Free2Play Foundation. Before last Tuesday’s game, we had a pre-game ceremony to raise awareness about slavery and human trafficking. Some of the people from Not For Sale were present at the event, including my friend David Batstone, the president. The Giants organization has been awesome in its support of our efforts.

Everyone involved in Not For Sale/Free2Play has been called together to accomplish great things. Thanks to the dedicated participation of every donor, staff member, and volunteer, we’ve built a medical facility in Thailand for kids who were rescued by Not For Sale from traffickers. We built a basketball court for them as well. We’ve also built soccer fields in South America, and we’ve built a school in Uganda.

Building facilities like these is a major accomplishment. We get it done because so many people give small amounts of time or money or both, and that adds up to big results.

And look at who we’re helping: the most vulnerable people alive. Some of these kids are in an environment where right at the get-go they get sold off by their parents, or maybe kidnapped and sold to work in cocoa fields or sweat shops or brothels, or to become a soldier in someone’s private army.

It’s just a devastating act. I know they say it’s inhumane, but it’s worse than that. It’s hard to believe that a person with a heartbeat, with blood pumping through their veins, can actually take another human being and sell them like a product.

Think about all the slaves brought into the U.S. every year. I mean, this is a country people run to for freedom, but 18,000 people a year find themselves enslaved. And it could be a lot more than that, since it’s really hard to get an accurate count. You multiply that over ten years and that’s almost 200,000 people! Or more! And this is a growing problem. The more people I can bring awareness of this to, the better.

How about signing up at Not For Sale, and joining the abolitionist movement? I give $250.00 for every strikeout and $250.00 for every hold. Why not add to my pledge? Could you give a dollar or two? If ten of you did that, then together we’d donate $260 – $270 for every strikeout and every hold. You see, when we work together, we get extremely effective!

The problem might be growing, but so are the ranks of the people fighting the traffickers. There is so much you can do, and you can start right now. Anyone can have a huge impact just by joining forces with a lot of other people. It’s not about the amount you give. It’s the number of individuals giving that makes the difference. If we work together, we can do anything. Together, we’ll fight the traffickers. And we’ll ruin them. See you Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “Called Together

  1. Dear Mr. Affeld, I commend your efforts to help free enslaved people. The Giants and the community are lucky to have your dedication to this tragic cause. I emailed my pastor asking the name of an agency in my area that houses and rehabilitates freed sex slaves. I am a M.S.W. Perhaps I could volunteer at first since I put my career on hold for my daughter who is now eight. My resume is blank for many years, outside of volunteering at my daughter’s school. My last job was at a level 12 group home for emotionally disturbed teen girls who had been abused. I am confident I could do a good job as a volunteer, but I doubt the agency can afford to pay me. I will just have to see once I get the information from my pastor. Once I get a job of my own, I will gladly give money to this worthy cause. My huband only really trusts Red Cross, so I am limited to that agency as a charitable contribution option. God bless you for your good work. In Christ, Victoria

  2. I think it’s great that you’re getting involved in fighting human trafficking. There are a number of other Anti-Human Trafficking organizations out there that could really use acknowledgement from people like you. I am working for the Pacific Links Foundation, which has an office in Milpitas. Pacific Links has an Anti-Human Trafficking program called ADAPT in which we give scholarships to girls in Vietnam who are potential trafficking victims to keep them in school. We also have safe houses and vocational training for people who have been returned or rescued from being trafficked. Right now, we are trying to raise $10,000 by the end of the year. We were offered a grant of $10,000 but we will only get it if we can match that amount. If you can, please help us achieve this so that we can continue helping the vulnerable people in Vietnam. Thank you!

  3. Dear Mr. Affeldt, I got the information from my pastor about a local nonproffit to help rehabilitate survivors of sex trafficing, still minors. It is Courage to Be You, Inc. in Rocklin, Ca. Here is a link, if you are curious: http://www.couragetobeyou.org/get-involved-2/ I will call on Monday to find out about volunteer opportunities. My husband won’t be happy if I give away my labor (especially with undergradute and graduate school loans he pays). Yet, I want to feel like I am making a difference outside my family like I did before I had my daughter eight years ago. My precious girl needs to learn to share me. After eight years out of the work force, volunteering for a social service agency feels like a safer and smarter choice. It could open doors down the road, I hope. Thank you for inspiring me with your good work. Blessings in Him, Victoria

    • Victoria, I think you’re doing exactly the right thing. If you’ve been out of the work force for a few years, it can be so hard to get a potential employer to take you seriously. Volunteering, and in order to help such a vulnerable population with such unique challenges, is the quickest way to get your resume simmering again. I’m sure your husband can appreciate that! It will absolutely open doors for you down the road. And I’ll pray for you.

      Bless you!


      • Dear Beth,

        Thank you so much for your encouragment and prayers. When I told my husband about the possibility he didn’t sound enthusiatic, but at least he didn’t object. Better response than a go out and get any office job to bring in cash….I’m grateful for that.

        In Christ,


  4. I have an orientation for Courage to be You, Inc.that rehabilitates domestic sexual slavery survivors on August 9th. I am both excited and a bit nervous about the possiblity of volunteering there. The woman I spoke to indicated that she has never seen any of the girls be violent as I experienced as a social worker at another level 12 group home I worked at before my daughter was born eight years ago. Hopefully, my M.S.W. can be useful again to help these tragic victims. Congrats on being lights out on Sunday! Go Giants!

  5. Congratulations, Victoria! I think it’s awesome the way you’re inspired to give, especially with your training and skills. You can do something special here. I’ll keep praying!

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