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Be Transformed

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I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12:1-2

Recently I’ve been writing about the vision of Generation Alive’s REACH program. I’ve written about how I believe young kids, especially youth groups, can serve like Jesus. I’ve written about how these kids can change the world. I think I’ve even mentioned that it’s fulfilling and fun to change the world in Jesus’ name!

Last time I outlined how one youth group, through the course of one or two years, can take an impoverished community of people that are going to die, and literally breathe life into them. Now think about what happens to those kids as they grow up knowing they have done something this powerful.

They’ll be empowered to go to college. They’ll start working, they’ll start businesses, and they’ll create jobs. And why will they do this? I know just what they’ll say. They’ll say, “You know what? I want to work and I want to become successful, because I’m able to serve like Jesus did. I’ve helped bring life to a dying community. I can do this, and I know it works. I saw it work when I was 15, and I know it’s going to work when I’m 30.”

Do you see what we’ve been able to do by reaching these kids? We’ve created a whole society of people of people serving like Jesus. We’ve transformed our culture into a culture of Jesus Christ. That’s the ultimate concept of REACH. We can bring a whole generation alive in Christ.

Sometimes it’s too easy to become self-absorbed. We read Paul’s letter to the Romans and we understand the call, but we think it’s unobtainable. We think it can’t happen. We think it’s impossible.

No! It is possible. If you look at it the right way, it is possible and we can do it. We will help you do it.

And that’s the view I want to get kids to see. It’s not just one person. It’s all of us. I’m not going to be able to change the world by myself. I can change one community by myself, but there’s no point in stopping there. We want to stir thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of young people to think this way.

If we do that, we’ll have hundreds of thousands of kids that all dream really big dreams. They’ll dream because they want to make it possible for other people to dream. They’ll dream because they want to change society. You tell me, that’s not going to start a movement? It absolutely will start a movement. It will. It absolutely will. You’ll have hundreds of thousands of young people that are serving other people. And that’s the movement.

Next time I’ll tell you why I do what I do. See you Friday.

3 thoughts on “Be Transformed

  1. You have no idea how much I look forward to tuesdays and fridays now. Actually, I’ve always looked forward to fridays, but you know what I mean. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

  2. I totally think you bring up a great point and one that resonates greatly with students. it is not impossible, it just feels that way when we are Han Solo Christians. but when we a truly connected to each other and belong to one another as the body of Christ we can actually pull this off. and when we do, we encourage each other and that snowball effect gains more and more momentum. this sounds like a really cool program and I will look forward to reading more about it. blessings!

    • “Han Solo Christian”! I love that.

      I know you mean it’s no good trying to fly solo when doing the Lord’s work, but I do kind of like the idea of being as unstoppable as Han Solo was. Or as resourceful. 🙂

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