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Tough Love

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Love has become “feminized.” When you talk about love, a lot of people will say you’re soft. But love is what saves people. Loving them. If you ask me, that’s pretty strong stuff.

Think of a person who has a mental illness. Probably the best healing resource is just to love on them. They still need other sources of help, but just to love on that person instead of shunning him is going to help him. Maybe more than anything else.

What’s the response to a person that doesn’t have water? Love on them! Get them water. Everybody should have clean water. When you do that, you show them that you love them. The best way to show your love is to help provide this life-giving resource.

There are a lot of things that God shows me, things that are not good. Sex slavery is a terrible thing. It’s the devil’s way of perverting love. Think about it. Sexuality is one of the ways we show love. It’s pure and beautiful. But we’ve created slavery with it. It’s evil.

But God is showing me ways to help. How can I help a person trapped in the sex slave industry? Love on them! Love them by rescuing them.

God sees what’s wrong. What’s the sign of that? Look all the people willing to fight injustice! He’s opened my eyes to all these people who are so unselfish.

God spoke about injustice in scripture, and told us what we should do. He’s speaking to people about it now. Not only does He see what’s wrong, He’s showing us how to fix it. I really, truly believe that. He’s opened my eyes to a whole new area of humanity, of people who fight injustice all the time. They know that love saves people.

Who are these people? They are not hard to find. I’ve partnered with a few organizations devoted to rescuing kids from slavery, finding homes for orphans, feeding people who are going without food, and building wells in communities that don’t have access to clean water. You can connect with these organizations through my organization’s website.

You know I dream big, and you should too. I’ve dreamed up a program called REACH that seeks to coordinate the work of all these partners. Next time I’ll tell you how it works. See you Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Tough Love

  1. I love your blog! Nowadays sex is used as pleasure and a hobby to most. I am the only person in my large group of friends who is saving myself for marriage. A bride wears white on her wedding day because she is supposed to represent purity. When my girlfriends talk to me they tell me how proud they are and how they wished they waited. That makes me feel good because I know I’m doing the right thing. It is just so frustrating that men don’t see it that way. They see the virgin in me and they see it as a challenge and when I won’t give it up they leave. I wish men would start acting like men and live through Christ and see what sex is and that it is supposed to be a principle of love and not used to degrade women! Sex slavery is disgusting and so is sex as a hobby sex is something that should be treated so special and no one nowadays treats it like that. I would for you to comment on this Jeremy 🙂

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    Just wanted to say that I’m so thankful you’re on the Giants. They are so blessed to have such a positive guy with such a big heart for Jesus on their team. Or maybe I should say “our” team, since you know- together we’re Giant… haha 😉 My husband has run triathlons in support of XXX Church and Courage 2BU. Have you heard of these ministries? Anyways, just wanted to saw we are huge supporters of you and what you do for to fight against sex slavery. Have fun against the Brewers and know that we are praying for all of you on the road. I know this past week was so devastating for our team, but I know what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Hang in there!

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