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Drinking to Drunkenness

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I’m posting a day early here, because Emily asked!

Drinking is not a sin. The sin is drunkenness.

Drunkenness is the sin because through it, you eliminate self-control. And when you eliminate self-control, a lot of bad things happen.

If you drive drunk, you can kill another person, another human being. Now you’ve created murder. That’s not good.

Think about all the date rape scenarios. College kids drink and the girls get raped. The guys’ hormones are high and they’ve lost self-control. They don’t understand what “No” means and they rape a girl.

There are angry drunks. They beat their wives, they beat their girlfriends, or they beat their kids, all because they can’t contain their anger when they’re drunk. They cause pain.

In these scenarios, you’ve not only sinned, you’ve also committed a crime. That’s going to put you in jail. So nothing good can come from it.

When you’re drunk, you don’t have control over your own thoughts, and you don’t have control over what you say. You don’t even have control over your own tongue! I’ve been around drunk people that literally say whatever’s on their mind. Well, some things aren’t meant to be said. So when you get drunk, you can say something to another human being that can cause a lot of pain.

You can’t do good things without self-control. Name one good thing you can do when you don’t have control over your own body. You’re falling down. You can’t even walk straight! You can’t make clear decisions.

The fear of the Lord is wisdom. It brings wisdom. That’s what it does. So when you represent Christ, you represent wisdom. You represent peace. When you’re drunk, you’re causing chaos. You can’t make peace when you don’t have control over your own body.

When you represent Jesus Christ, you make wise decisions. Drunkenness is a sin because when you’re drunk, you can’t live a right life. You can’t live a righteous life. The Bible says those that hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. So when you want to live a life that’s right, you have to be sober-minded. You can’t make right decisions when you’re not sober-minded.

Make a decision that’s wise. Don’t drink to drunkenness.

The government, the church, and parents all have to help young people understand these scenarios. I’ll pick that up next time. See you Friday.

6 thoughts on “Drinking to Drunkenness

  1. Wow, I didn’t actually expect an early post, but thank you so much! A lot of great points in this blog….Looking forward to Friday!

    • Andy, I read your post about Mai Tais. It helped. I’m an Episcopalian/Anglican, and we use wine in communion, and maybe that’s why I’ve never heard anyone say that drinking is a sin. It just seems like fantasy to say that Jesus drank grape juice. So I’ve been scratching my head a bit over these posts from Jeremy. You helped me understand where he’s coming from — your tale of the pastor was pretty eye-opening! I’m shocked at the idea of pastors being willfully or purposefully ignorant in the pulpit. We could chat a bit about that sin — it seems to me that intellectual dishonesty is a millstone in its own right!

  2. By the way, I don’t think the main point here is drinking so much as it is self-control, and how important self-control is to living a righteous life. I used to smoke. And I don’t believe for a second that it’s a sin to smoke, but it is definitely bad for you. I think it’s probably way better to choose to take care of yourself. I don’t think I’m a “temple,” but getting sick is expensive and depressing, and it really upsets the people who love you. It’s also inevitable, but why self-inflict it? That just seems dumb.

    I quit smoking seven years ago, and I still miss it, and I still crave it. So that’s why I don’t drink. I know, in an intensely present way, just how fine the line is between maintaining self-control and compromising it. I’ll bet I wouldn’t need more than one beer to decide that one cigarette would be okay! So when anyone offers me a drink, I say no thanks. And when they say, what, are you a tee-totaller, I say, I don’t drink because I don’t smoke. Heh.

    Of course, the antebellum abstinence and abolitionist movements were tightly connected. So at least in the US, there’s an honorable legacy in tee-totalling. I’ve actually just looked up the etymological history of the word “tee-total.” It’s cool. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tee-total

  3. Then y drink at all…we live n a time where we have thousands of non-alcohol drinks to choose from. Y walk that fine line of drinking/drunkeness…as Christians we shouldn’t test how far we can go without crossing the “sin line”

  4. Emmy,

    I see your point. Dont agree with it but I see it. Thats like saying why buy clothes, especially clothes we saw someone else wearing. Covetous is a sin so where is the sin line when seeing someone wearing something you like and wanting to buy it. Or maybe we shouldnt go to the beach at all. there might be girls dressed in bikinis and we might lust after them. somethings are controllable and enjoyable. I happen to like the tast of a good wheat beer. my wife happens to like the taste of a good red wine. This relaxes me, this relaxes my wife. we go to dinner she has a glass of wine i have a good beer. I guess Jesus must have walked that same sin line you talk about. Or maybe the sin line we need to worry about is the sin of “judging”. anything done in excess could be sinful. there will always be a “sin line”. The Holy Spirit is there to guide you away from the line.

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