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Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Son of Man

I did not just lie in bed one night and say, “You know what? I’m going to be a loving and kind person.”

That’s unnatural. That’s just not how we are. We’re very defensive. We protect ourselves. We don’t like to look bad. We’re very self-absorbed. That’s what is natural. That’s how everybody is!

But believers need to make sure that we bring peace with us wherever we go. We need to be the ones to bring peace to situations where it is needed and cannot be found. That’s part of our walk. It’s the Beatitude. It’s what Jesus did.

I try to do it, but I don’t necessarily do it well all the time because I’m human. But it’s my goal, and I ask God to help me. So if you see it in me, you need to know that it comes strictly from wanting to have the authority of Jesus. The love and the kindness that I reflect come only from Heaven.

Jesus was the ultimate peacemaker. That’s what He came for. Obviously Jesus had zeal and passion. In the marketplace outside the Temple, He flipped tables and made whips out of rope. There wasn’t a lot of peace when He was doing that. There was a lot of chaos! But that was a different situation.

In most of the situations that Jesus walked into, where there was chaos, where there were storms, He created peace. Even when there was chaos in nature, He created peace. The disciples were in the boat drowning. The boat was flooded and they were about to die. And Jesus got up and calmed the winds. He calmed the storm and He calmed the waves. He brought peace.

Everywhere He went, He just oozed peace. His aroma was peace.

To be a peacemaker for me is to know when to bring peace.

In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus says you will be reviled and persecuted, and people will speak all kinds of evil against you falsely (Mt. 5:11). There will be times when chaos surrounds you. Yet He said to turn the other cheek. (Mt. 5:38)

A lot of people think that’s about being in a fight. Like if someone punches you, you’re supposed to take a punch on the other cheek. I don’t believe that. I think you have to defend yourself.

But if anybody starts falsely accusing or insulting you, you turn the other cheek. You don’t react to it. You don’t cause a big ruckus. You realize that there are things being said about you, yet you try to stay calm and create peace. Even when there is chaos around you, and even if it’s because of Who you represent, people should still feel peaceful around you.

That’s part of what our aroma of Christ has to be. When people are around you, they should see peace. They should feel peace. I think people will respect you and respect everything about you when you’re like that. I think that’s what we have to accomplish.

Are you a peacemaker? Are you in need of some peace? I’d love to hear your comments on how you ooze peace in everyday situations.

I’m preparing some blog posts for you on alcohol and sin, parents and children. See you Friday.

2 thoughts on “Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Son of Man

  1. Oh boy, I would comment except that I’m not sure anyone would accuse me of “oozing peace in every day situations.” All I know, is that when I practice the presence of God, and picture the Lord with his hand on my back, it helps me breathe deeper and handle the chaos from a higher place.
    Good word, as always, Jeremy!

    • It is so easy to get sucked in when chaos is around! I really appreciate your words here. They served to refresh my own practice, and at a great time too, since it’s just about the end of the semester, and I’m expecting student chaos. I know I’m where God placed me, and I embrace the opportunity, but like you say, I’m still oh-so-human. If I do any good for these students at all, it’s because I’m God’s instrument. Thank you so much, Jeremy!

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