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Blessed Are the Peacemakers, Part 2

I’d never addressed a crowd of 40,000 people before.

The family and faith days that I speak at attract probably seven or eight thousand people. Attendance at my church isn’t even close to 40,000! It’s a couple thousand at the most.

So I thought I was pretty prepared, but there’s nothing quite like addressing 40,000 or more people. And not only was I addressing 40,000 people, but I was addressing them through a microphone that has a delay to it! I was already a little bit nervous, and on top of that, I was hearing myself echo as I spoke. It’s so hard to talk when you’re hearing yourself! It’s almost impossible for your mind to keep a thought. You’re trying to focus, but you’re hearing what you just said at the same time as you’re trying to come up with the next thing to say!

Now I realize why a lot of people like to have a speech in front of them. When there’s a delay like that, they can keep their eyes focused on what they’re saying. But I don’t like doing that. In fact, I hate reading speeches. When I read a prepared speech, it takes away from the passion of what I’m trying to say.

So there I was, trying to stay focused with my voice echoing back at me.

And if that wasn’t enough pressure, those 40,000 people actually listened to me. Seriously, when I came up to the microphone to speak, the place literally went dead silent. It wasn’t like, “Hey, Jeremy’s talking, but whatever, let’s go get a beer.” You know, normally there’s a constant buzz in the stands. But this was different. They listened.

So I wasn’t speaking into a microphone while no one was paying attention. I had the attention of 40 thousand people! Literally listening to what I had to say! Man! And I knew one thing for sure: In that situation, if it goes bad, it’s going to go really bad. Especially in San Francisco, where people have a love for humanity. If you misrepresent that, you’re going to hear about it.

So I said, “God, there is no way I’m going to do this in my own power here. This has to be You.” I was representing the two organizations, and I was representing the Stow family, but more than that, I was letting the light of Jesus shine before men, that they may see my good deeds and glorify God. (1 Peter 2:12)

I don’t want to be glorified through this. I want people to say, who is this cat? Who is this guy? He’s a baseball player, but he speaks with a different kind of voice. Who is he? And eventually, through trying to figure out who I am, they’re going to see God. That’s what I want. I want them to see the face of Jesus, because that’s who drives me.

Come back Tuesday, and I’ll give you the rest of the setup. This was a wonderful opportunity that was actually more pressure than pitching. Meanwhile, HAPPY EASTER!

7 thoughts on “Blessed Are the Peacemakers, Part 2

  1. The message was truly a blessing to hear, that’s for sure. By the way, much more than 40 thousand listened – add the TV and radio… Thank you for being that instrument. Just know you have a fan out there that prays for you (and the rest of the team!). Continue to inspire. Have a blessed Easter Jeremy!

  2. Jeremy- That’s awesome. God has been preparing you for something so much bigger than baseball. You had to depend on him to get through it. I remember when Andy Pettitte spoke for a Father-Son event that I put together and he said to me, “Kevin, I’m more nervous to speak to these Dads & Sons than I am to pitch in Game 7 of the World Series.” He worked in Andy that day as much as he did in the people he was speaking to. The same is true of what you just went through. Thanks for ministering to the people of San Francisco.
    Kevin in Houston

  3. So glad to hear it went so good. God is good always and he gives us exactly what we need when we are worried about doing something. I am speaking at church this Easter sunday and I am not feeling nervous anymore, it you can speak in front of 40,000 people I can speak in front of my church. thanks for always looking to God for your strength and encouraging others to do the same.

  4. Thank you, Jeremy, you did a wonderful job with that speech, you found just the right words. And just to let you know: There were not just the 40000 people in the stadium listening to you, but much more people who watched the game on TV (like me). It was really great that you didn’t just read from a script where people would be wondering if those are actually your words or someone in the organization just handed you the script. I think we all felt that this comes straight from your heart and is important to you.

    And I’m sorry for the rough outing you had yesterday against the Braves. Go Giants!

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