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The Aroma of Christ

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For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. (2 Corinthians 2:15)

When you have the “pleasing aroma of Christ” and people walk by you, they feel the love of Jesus. Just as if they smell it.

When you walk by with cologne, people smell you. Someone who is around you all the time will know you’re there just because they smell your cologne. The aroma of Christ has the same effect. You walk by and people are like, “Man! There is something different about that guy.”

This is part of our social justice work. When you have the aroma of Christ, people will walk by you and they’ll know. They’ll say, “Man, there is something different about you, You want to do things to help people who are suffering.”

A radio show in San Francisco called me up and said, “Athletes have a lot of money. A lot of them don’t do anything with it to help other people. You seem to want to do stuff for other people. Why do you do that?” That’s the aroma of Christ. People know.

When you think “Jeremy Affeldt,” you might think “major league athlete.” But I want you to think, “Someone that’s going to help somebody when they need help.”

I want my aroma to say, “This is someone that’s going to stand by something that means something.” I want you to think, “This is someone that cares about the victims of human trafficking.” And when it comes to human trafficking, I want you to think, “Free2Play, that’s what Jeremy does.”

When people hear “Jeremy Affeldt,” I want them to think, “That’s Jeremy. He plays baseball. But you know what? He does this thing with human trafficking. He does this thing with hunger.”

That’s what I want to be known for. Not as a major league athlete. I want to be known as someone who uses his talents to help somebody else.

2 thoughts on “The Aroma of Christ

  1. Jeremy, I came across your blog after seeing you speak before the Giants game Monday night. I was very moved by your heartfelt and emotional reminder to fans in the wake of the tragic beating of Bryan Stow. Hearing you speak, I just had this sense that you were speaking from a place of love of God and love of others, so I was curious if you were a Christian, and then I found your blog and your social justice work. I was really struck by this entry “aroma of Christ” and think that you showed you have that aroma, that when “people walk by you, they feel the love of Jesus. Just as if they smell it.” Certainly that’s the sense I got just from hearing you speak Monday. As a Christian and life-long Giants fan (celebrated my 30th birthday at the game Sunday!), I’m so appreciative of people like you who use their gifts and status for greater good, and for putting God and others before self. What a wonderful role model you are for others. Thank you.

  2. That’s exactly what I say when you walk to the mound. “Yeahhh Jeremy! He is also a huge humanitarian”. Thanks for all the awareness you have created.

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