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Tell Me What You’re Going To Do!

I really don’t understand what it will take to move people to understand the love of Jesus appropriately.

I’m trying to do my best. I’m trying to help people see that we can make a difference. I’m trying to show them that we can love our neighbors as ourselves. We can smile on them with the smile of Jesus. We can let them feel the warmth and love that He shows us. We can do that. It’s going to take some time, but we can do that.

But it’s hard. Sometimes you think you’re reaching people. They’re like, “Hey man, preach it brother!” But then they go home. And you never hear from them again.

What do you mean, “Hey man preach it brother?” Hey, wait! Hey! Tell me what you’re going to do!

You know those religious sayings, like, “Oh, you know, I’ll pray for them.” Yeah, right.

My faith in us praying for these people is not very high right now. That’s just a common saying in the church. “Oh you know what? I’m going to pray about it.” Pray about what? It’s scripture! It says love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemy as yourself. Pray for those that curse you. Bless those that hurt you.

Scripture tells us what to do. So I don’t want you to just pray about it. I want you to help do it.

Of course, if I walk into a church and talk with that kind of zeal, I might not get the response that I was hoping to get. You know, they might try to push me to the edge of the cliff and make me walk off, like they did with Jesus.

We can sit in our churches, and we can sit in our pews, and we can preach from behind our pulpits, and we can say we need to do this, and we can say we need to do that, and we can say we need to help here and we can say we need to help there.

And yet we can go home and have a family, and we can go home and sit on our couches and watch TV, and we can go home and watch our kids play in the backyard. We can do those things, and they are the blessings of God. I don’t take those blessings for granted.

I know a lot of people that can’t even meet in a church building without fear of being put into prison. I know people who can be walking home from a church gathering on a road and some army can come by and swipe them up or shoot them. They’re so worried about getting trafficked. They’re so worried about guys like Joseph Kony snagging them out of their village and making them shoot people. They’re so worried about trying to drink water that won’t give them a disease. And they’re trying to figure out, “Am I going to have to eat dirt today, or is someone going to be awesome enough to make sure I have a bowl of rice?”

They’re God’s children too, made in His image. Yet they’re so concerned about all these things. How are they supposed to use their giftings? How are they supposed to reflect God? That is my biggest pain. That is my biggest frustration. How can I get other people to see these things? I see it, and it grieves me.

10 thoughts on “Tell Me What You’re Going To Do!

  1. “We can smile on them with the smile of Jesus. We can let them feel the warmth and love that He shows us.”

    Honestly, every time I’ve met the poor and suffering that I’ve tried to help, the opposite has happened. *They* smiled on *me* with the smile of Jesus! *They* let *me* feel His warmth and love!

    I hear you, and I accept your challenge. I clicked on the picture of you with the kids, there on the right side of your blog, the one that’s labeled “Feed the Hunger Spokane.” This took me to the Generation Alive website. Once there, I set up a regular monthly donation. I really believe in you and your charity! Thanks for the kickstart.

  2. YES! We have to put skin on our prayers! We forget that many times, WE are the answers to the prayers! I, too, am tired of 1 hour/week Christians (if you can call them that) – when we leave our worship services each week, we should be dangerous warriors for the Kingdom of God, ready to do His Work, being challenged to change internally by His Holy Spirit, and then act in faith on what He wants us to do to be the face of Jesus on this planet.

    Dude, I’d love to have you walk into my church right now and say it just like how you wrote it, because I’m telling you, you’d have a bunch of guys ready to roll and storm the gates of hell for Christ. I’m right there with you, brother! Let’s do it, and be dangerous for Christ!

  3. My biggest problem is honestly, not knowing HOW to help. Especially with these HUGE issues like human trafficking, etc. I honestly don’t know of a lot of practical things I can do. I’m really not trying to make excuses. If anyone has suggestions on ways I can practically help out with some of these major issues, I’d love to hear them, so I can start doing and not just saying. And yes, I know donating money is one big way, and that is something I do, but does anyone know of any other things? Thanks 😀

    • Hi Sara! It depends on what you want to do. I think human trafficking is a great project to tackle right now. Fighting human trafficking is something you can do all by yourself, wherever you happen to be.

      The number one need in the fight against human trafficking is awareness. That’s why it’s so easy right now. Just ask yourself, “Who am I? Who are my communities?” That’s what I did. I asked myself, “Who am I?” Well, I’m a college professor. “Who are my communities?” They are my students, and my fellow faculty. So I teach human trafficking in my classes, and I founded an Abolition Educators Group at my college (15 members — 12 faculty and 13 students — and counting!). The word spreads, awareness spreads, hearts are engaged, and more people start working to free the slaves.

      Which reminds me: although you can act alone to fight human trafficking, you don’t have to! There’s probably an organization quite near you, and you can join it and get educational materials. Then, whatever you do for a living, find a way to use that to reach out to people and let them know what’s going on. If you can’t do that, tell your family! Tell your church! Spread the word. That really is all you have to do, and right now, it’s the most important thing you can do on behalf of the slaves, who probably feel really, really alone.

      I’m being very lazy and not proofreading this. 🙂

      • Thanks Beth. Funny thing is we just had a lady at church come talk about human trafficking and the organization she works for. She would probably be a good place to start…I’m new to learning about it so it’s all very overwhelming

    • Sarah

      You can also check out Notforsalecampaign.org this is a group i work with and they do great things in tackling human trafficking. they have very creative ways to help with these things not just financial ways. thanks for reading and supporting my blog


      • Thanks, I will do that. This same issue has been brought to my attention several times in the past few weeks. I think that’s a sign I need to do something…

  4. You sound frustrated. I’m surprised it took this long. Don’t give up! I know that you won’t. You ARE getting thru to someone, I promise.
    I follow your blog and the work that you do, it is appreciated. It breaks my heart that I don’t have the money to help the children. I have been unemployed for more than a year now and even though I give of my time where I can that doesn’t keep me from wishing I could do more. It hurts to be aware but to be helpless to do anything to help. At least you are in the position to do more than most people, and I believe that you are.
    Personally when I tell someone that I “will pray for them” I make darn sure that I do! To promise a prayed without meaning it is just wrong! Anyone can pray, God doesn’t discriminate so if you promise a prayer…PRAY! http://imyomamma2.wordpress.com/enough-about-me/

    • imyomamma2

      not frustrated just very zealous for people to not only pray but also act on these things. it seems to me biblically we are to be doers of the word not just hearers. to me being active in things i believe in brings fulfillment to my passion

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