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Selfless Love

Those of you who have not attended a Feed the Hunger event should consider staging one in your church, school, or community. Everybody deserves to experience it at least once!

These kids had so much they could have done on a Saturday afternoon in winter. We have so much outdoor stuff to do. But they said, “No, we’re going to help someone who needs to be helped.” It was the greatest thing. For four hours we saw selfless love, complete and utter selfless love.

Each kid was involved in making the meals. One kid would hold a bag under a funnel. Another would pour some protein powder in. The next kid would pour in some dried vegetables, and then the next one would pour in some vitamin powder. The last thing to get poured in was rice.

Next, someone would check the weight of the bag, because it had to weigh a certain amount for shipping. If it weighed too much, they took a little rice out, and if it weighed too little, they added a little rice in. Then the next kid would take the bag and hold it under a heat sealer, and the next one would seal it. Then they’d stack the bags for boxing.

You add this to boiling water and you get all the nutrients you need for the day. We’re seeing it work. The kids in Haiti who get these meals are getting better. Their nails are growing back, their hair is growing, their eyesight’s getting better, and they’re going to school and thinking properly. These meals are helping their bodies do what they need to do. So that one meal, having all those nutrients, satisfies them for the entire day. And you know, some of these kids can only handle one meal a day. They’re not used to eating as much as we eat.

From start to finish, it took two minutes to make a meal kit that restores life to someone dealing with hunger. Each kid in a group took part in preparing each bag, and each bag held six meals. Twelve kids would touch the same bag, and know that they were a part of all six meals.

We had music going all day. There was a buzz going the whole time. But every hour, we would make a noise like striking a gong, and there would be a moment of silence. All the kids got quiet. They stopped what they were doing, and we gave them statistics on the hunger crisis. That way they learned a little bit about what they were doing and why their gift of time and work was so precious. And then we’d pray for the people that were receiving these meals.

Those who weren’t Christian just sat quietly. And that’s fine. The Gospel was being shared. Nobody left. Nobody said, “Oh, you’re praying? Then I’m leaving.” They stayed and they were fine with it. Something inside of them said this was right. In Matthew 25 Jesus says, “If you feed the least of these, you’ve fed me.” So those kids were feeling the love of Jesus whether they were praying to him or not.

We told the kids, “Write whatever you want on the box. Write a positive message.” And these boxes were covered in messages. “God loves you,” they wrote. “We pray for you.” “We love you.” “We care about you.” They drew pictures! It was awesome, just to see them waiting for their turn, and working hard, and enjoying it, and wanting to do more.

You just can’t imagine how fulfilling and uplifting it is to spend a day with kids who are willing to work hard to help strangers. You really need to experience it for yourself.

Next time, I want to share some thoughts with you about work, and especially hard work of the kind that these kids did to Feed the Hunger.  See you Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Selfless Love

  1. It’s always wonderful to help those that are in need. Hunger is a big issue in the world that needs to be addressed. It’s great that the kids were able to participate and learn as well. Thanks for the post.

  2. Jeremy, this is pretty cool. A friend of mine, Richard Logan, our Missions Pastor (Houston, TX) recently went to Uganda with Living Water. I’ve been to El Salvador with LWI. He was saying that you were a Living Water fan and he pointed me to your organization, Generation Alive. I’ll start following your blog. I’m not sure if you guys come to Houston this year, but if so then I’ll see you in the clubhouse. I’d love to hear more about what you are doing. Kevin Edelbrock, Baseball Chapel- Houston

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