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Christians and Social Justice

People sometimes wonder why I’m so passionate about social justice issues. Why do I partner with organizations like Feed the Hunger, the Global Orphan Project, Living Water International, and the Not For Sale Campaign?

I hear a lot of things, man. Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve heard people say, “Oh, you’re a Christian. That’s means you’re a gay-basher. Or you’re judgmental. Or you’re a hypocrite.”

You know, you get tired of hearing those things. But you also realize those judgments had to come from somewhere. So where did they come from? Maybe those are the characteristics Christians are giving off at times. I doubt we do it on purpose. I think we’re trying to understand God. We care so much about getting people saved and in our church. We don’t want to lose them. So sometimes we allow religion to get in the way of relationship.

As I got more and more intimate with Jesus, I said, “God, how do I love people the right way?” I know I’m here for more than just being a baseball player. And I’m here for more than just going to church on Sunday. And I’m here for more than just saying, “I’m a Christian.” So I asked Him point-blank, “What do you want from me? What are the things that you want me to key in on?”

And He showed me where He said that He came to set the captives free (Luke 4:18). He showed me people that are in bondage. He showed me that He wants us to free them.

He showed me the slavery issue. He showed me the water crisis. He showed me the hunger crisis. He showed me the orphanages. God has a simple command that shows up over and over in the scripture. He says, “If anything, take care of the orphans and widows.”

He took me on that journey and said “I want you to do this.” I feel like He’s asked me to do these things.

We get so caught up in the rules. We try to tell people what to do and what not to do, and we try to show them where they are wrong. We forget to let God handle the relationship that He has with people. We forget that we need to make sure we’re actually reflecting Christ the correct way. If I’m an ambassador of Christ, I want to make sure that I’m doing it the right way. I asked Him, and this is what He showed me.

8 thoughts on “Christians and Social Justice

  1. I’ve been feeling the same way lately…this month is Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and I’ve learned so much about slave labor and child labor, sex trade of children, on a national and international level. So much information that hurts and I know it breaks God’s heart. I agree we need to step up as Christians and show the world what it means to truly follow Christ, by doing what you said, right there in the Bible, to protect and look after the widows and orphans, to be the embodiment of love and grace that flows from a relationship with Christ.

  2. Justice is removing the barriers that prevent people from knowing the love of Jesus. If you are hungry or trapped in slavery, if you are dying from the water you drink or struggling to find a place to sleep at night, meeting those basic needs is showing the love of Jesus.

    Jesus came and demonstrated love by setting the captive free, providing food for the hungry, and healing the hurt. To be a Christian, a “little Christ,” is to allow his love and grace to shine through us in our actions. Jesus charged us to meet the needs of the “least of these.” For far too long, Christians have ignored the widow, and the orphan, the poor, the thirsty, the prisoner, the hungry, the victim of AIDS…

    We have been so greatly blessed to be a blessing to the nations. We have been called to let others know they too are called. Micah simply said that we are to “love mercy, do justly, and walk humbly.” Jesus said it this way, “Love your neighbor.”

  3. Sometimes I have thoughts on why so many Christians are Anti homosexual or Judgmental. I was born in a “pretend” Christian family. I always struggled with God and Jesus during my childhood and teen years, always feeling like walking on egg shells with the lord. During my late teen and early twenties I pleaded with God for answer to so many questions I will not get into now. All I got was silence, so I said enough is enough, I’m out of here.

    What I thought was silence from God was a LOUD, HARD, 10 year SLAP in the face. God sent me on an amazing journey through Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen Teachings, Science of Physics and much more. God show Godself in all colors, shapes and sizes. I witness the millions of faces of God until finally I was brought back to Jesus and only recently started a new and wonderful relationship with him.

    When a Christian judges someone or group they are hypocrites are they not? Matthew 7 :1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. ..”

    What I have learned in my journey is we (Christians) spend so much time on preaching the word of God and very little on living the word of God. If we preach the word of God people will have many names to call us, but If we live the word of God people will follow our example.

    Social Justice – wouldn’t that be relative to each of us? We all have our views on what is right and what is wrong. If we follow the bible then we should stone our kids for being bad. How about we just live the life Jesus showed us and as you stated above Jeremy, we get so caught up in rules; lets leave the judging in Gods hands and the “living the word” in our hands. I agree let Jesus guide us, judging only starts wars and divides us.

  4. Good word Jeremy! I think most off the time we think of “ask and you shall receive” as “what can I ask God FOR?” It has struck me as as I read your article today that in asking God “Why am I really here and how do You want to use me?” we receive the answer of purpose. Life is so rich when we respond to that!

  5. I asked Him, and this is what He showed me.

    Love the simplicity of that statement, Jeremy. Indeed, we are called to do what Jesus asks us to do, and for each of us, that call and context may be different – but consistent with His Word. So glad that you wrote this piece to show how you are being obedient to His call for your life, Jeremy!

  6. Thanks for sharing. It is great to hear your heart. I think you’ve touched on a rapidly growing recognition in the Christian community that we can move towards a more “heavenly” existance on earth by helping the poor and disenfranchised.

  7. I would like to say that I admire the spunk of ‘christians’ who care about social justice because you are in the absolute minority of your ‘christian’ brothers and sisters who are as hell- bent (no pun intended lol ) as anyone to get rich and increase/entrench their socio=economic status. God might be in the side of the poor and the marginalised but the christian church by enlarge sure isn’t . All any common or garden ‘christian’ has to do is raise their pointy finger and accuse you (individually and/or as a body no matter how non-confrontational or ‘caring’ you may be ) of being a ‘communist/socialist ‘(although these same people can never properly define what a socialist/communist is ) and you are stopped in your tracks and helpless to make or give a meaningful voice/change/contribution to the rights of the poor and/of equitability in access to good education/health care . You know let’s face it, most of your christian buddies are quite comfortable that two thirds of the world is denied free speech/ nutritous food / prooper health care and good education as long as they are looked after and the sermon doesn’t go over the allotted time it takes to get to the country club for sunday roast . Yours Matt 🙂

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