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A recent issue of Immerse, a youth ministry magazine, included an article from me that describes why youth ministry is my heart’s passion. Here’s an excerpt:

Way beyond the confines of the game, the call to work hard and be an encourager takes me to places where other players don’t often go. I believe that God has called me to baseball so that I can work for social justice. As I grew more intimate with Jesus, I asked Him, “What do you want from me? What do you want me to focus on?” And He showed me that He came to set the captives free (Luke 4:18). He showed me slavery. He showed me the water crisis. He showed me the hunger crisis. He showed me how orphans are living. He took me on that journey, and then He asked me to hang out with kids who have been hungry, kids who have been trafficked, and kids who have been raped.

You can check out Immerse Journal on the web, and request a sample issue. It’s a great tool for youth ministers who seek resources for reading, teachings, challenge, and encouragement.

I really believe that the best way to minister to America’s youth is to disciple them. I founded Generation Alive, a youth ministry, so that I could show God’s love to young people by giving them opportunities to serve as leaders in social justice causes. Generation Alive’s mission statement is “to move young people to follow Jesus by acting compassionately toward the hurting and suffering of their generation.”

Tomorrow, Generation Alive is sponsoring a gathering for young people. We’re going to package 100,000 meals to fill Spokane’s food banks. If you’re in the neighborhood, please come by and help package meals. Come and say hi too, and let me know you’re a reader.

I’ve been involved in Youthfront’s Feed the Hunger projects in the past, and it’s an unforgettable experience. You find out that helping to feed the hungry (Matthew 25:37) feeds your spiritual hunger. If you can’t come, you can donate by clicking our Feed the Hunger poster, in the right column of this blog. It really doesn’t matter how much you give! No matter how much or how little you can spare, the donations add up and turn into food really quickly.

And don’t forget to visit my Community page, to tell me about your dreams. I really want to know what you’re dreaming. God bless you!

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