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What Is Your Dream?

People often think professional athletes are all puffed up or full of pride. Maybe we think we’re too good to talk to you. People might hesitate to say hi to an athlete because of this. I admit sometimes that’s true. But sometimes we can’t talk to you because we’re trying to get our job done. It’s nothing personal! We just have to focus on doing our job.

But if I don’t have anything to do, I try to spend time with people, especially in the ballpark. I say hi to kids and I shake their hands, and I like to give them high fives and encourage them. I like to let them know that we are human beings. We’re not just robot ballplayers who don’t want to interact with you.

I try to make sure I’m reflecting Christ in a way that’s positive. I just want to love on people, especially the kids. I want to let them know that I’m real, that I care about them, and I hope they do well. A lot of dads will say, “Do you have any advice for my son?” And I always say, “You know, you need to dream, and dream really, really big.” I try to interact with kids and encourage them to dream.

I’d like to encourage you to dream, too. What is your dream? Are you a parent or grandparent or minister? What do your kids dream? What do your congregations dream? Do you talk about it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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