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Do you see someone skilled in their work?
They will serve before kings.  (Proverbs 22:29)

Sacrifice is an intimidating word, but I’m here to tell you that it is a major component of success. God wants you to give some of what you earn to help others. That’s your sacrifice. He wants you to give cheerfully, but that shouldn’t be hard. He’s promised to give you what you need. It’s amazing, when you think about it, the way God has made the world.

God doesn’t need people to push the Gospel. He could do it however He wants to do it. But that’s the way He set things up. He wants people to bring the Gospel to the nations. And I think that God’s a genius! He wants us to use our own resources to love our neighbor so that we can learn to serve.

He knows that we humans come out of the womb as selfish individuals. My little four month old son does not say “I love you” to me. When he’s hungry, he looks at me and screams in my face. “I don’t care what you do, feed me.” It’s a selfish thing, right? Honestly, we do not have a natural ability to be a sacrifice, and to serve.

God also did not have to use finances to make this world work, but He did. To love your neighbor as yourself, you have to have finances. You can’t get a plane ticket for free. You can’t say, “Beam me up, Scotty,” and just all of a sudden be somewhere. God can transport you if He wants to, but I don’t see that happening. So we need finances to push the Gospel.

For example, I love good drinking water, so I want my neighbor to have good drinking water. Well, I can’t just say, “God, put a water well in there,” and a water well will just pop up. Can God do it? Yes, He can! I could say, “God, please let a well suddenly appear in this town,” and He could do it. But that’s not what happens. We need people to fund wells, and we need people to dig wells. And why did God set it up that way? It’s a sacrifice we have to make. We sacrifice some of the money we earn to help someone else. That way, we give tangible love to other people.

I pray for finances because I believe that the more money I can make, the more dents I can make in helping other people. I can help fund projects. Or I can help by networking. You know, the Bible says that your gifts, your ability to succeed, will place you before kings. In other words, my abilities give me the ability to stand in front of really important people. So I want to succeed because I want to be able to reach important people. I want to stand before people that have done great things and say, “I need your help, help me in this.”

So why not pray for finances and pray for success, if you have a heart for sacrifice? I pray for finances, I pray for my gift, I pray that my abilities will increase so that I can increase financially. Well, how often has it been that I get to stand before kings now? So if that’s truly my heart, and I truly exercise that heart, then I can believe that by praying for these things, God will grant them.

2 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Jeremy,
    I’m new to reading your blog. As I read back through your posts, I appreciate your passion, both for taking a stand for Christ Jesus and then putting your Christianity into action thru practical efforts for others.

    I love the verse from Proverbs that you referenced. And as you stated, what’s wrong with praying for financial success? Nothing at all as far as I can see – you give recognition to God, the Giver of every good and perfect gift. And in terms of your own work, “the laborer deserves his payment” (Luke 10:7, and 1 Tim 5:18). More power to you.

    Jesus freely mixed with the lowly poor and the lowly rich, as well as the haughty poor and the haughty rich. And think about it, Jesus himself had people with deep pockets who funded his ministry. So, I think you’re in good company there Jeremy.

    Finally, I’m being prophetic here maybe… the work that will really set you up standing before Kings, goes beyond your profession. While a profession is very important as a way of gaining wealth and status, a sense of identity, and a feeling of being, your work is greater than that. Your work is tied to your vocation, your calling… being a husband, a dad, a disciple, a giver, a motivator, a worker for righteousness and justice, a condemner of injustice and evil… really, a follower of Christ… that is what is going to set you apart and make you shine as a child of the King.

    And you’re so correct, sacrifice is a big part of any vocation, any calling. Getting over ourselves, checking our egos. That’s all part of the growth, it’s all a big part of our work – to take on the sacrifice of Christ, take up our cross and follow him.

    Anyway Jeremy, thanks for the blog and your perspective.
    Grace and Blessing…

  2. Keep up spreading the truth. God doesn’t need us to do good works for our salvation but allows us to benefit from the blessings we experience as we help others or the joy that comes when we lead others towards christ.

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