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Where is the Love?

When I started learning about problems like hunger and slavery, I started reading more about them.  And when I did that, the suffering of people really grabbed my heart.

I’ve been over to a teenage homeless shelter, and I learned a lot of things. I wondered why teenagers are homeless.  Are they running away?  And I learned something shocking.  Yes, some of them are runaways.  But a lot of them have come out to their parents and said that they are gay, and their parents kicked them out.  These kids are on the street because their parents want nothing to do with them because of their sexuality.  They get kicked out of their houses, and they get trafficked.  They get sent out as prostitutes, because they have to go.  Something like 80% of the girls in one of the shelters had been trafficked at one point in time, or had been raped, or had to have sex for money.  They have no choice. It’s this, or they die.

How do you look at that?  This is not light!  There is something so wrong with this.

As a believer, as a Christian, I don’t favor the homosexual lifestyle.  But I would never throw my son or my daughter out on their own, saying, “Fend for yourself.”  Because they’re going to die!  They’re either going to die emotionally, or they’re going to die physically.

It’s so sad, and so confusing.  It’s happening in our own country.  There is no love.  There’s no understanding of the concept of love.  I just don’t get that.  Maybe I used to understand.  Or maybe I was able to ignore it.  But now I’m not okay with any of it.

So my biggest passion with young people is to show them, hey, I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, I don’t care if you’re Christian or non-Christian. I love you.  Because that is the love of Jesus.

All these things are hitting me now, because God is showing me.  And the more I pray about it, and the more I ask Him to show me awareness, He just shows me more and more of this stuff.  And it doesn’t overwhelm me.  It doesn’t make me say, “God, there’s no way I can ever help.”  It actually stirs me. It stirs me to reach out, to everyone everywhere, to raise awareness of suffering and to teach about love.  Because every single one of us was created to love.

6 thoughts on “Where is the Love?

  1. I’m glad to see you say that as a Christian you don’t favor the homosexual lifestyle. Because I feel the same way, but I don’t want people to mistake that for hate, because I don’t hate them in any way. I feel this huge conflict between not thinking someone’s lifestyle is necessarily right and yet still loving them. I guess the way to deal with that is to always love them, no matter what. You’re a great inspiration, Jeremy. 🙂

  2. Hey Mr. Affeldt,

    Reading your blog, it really strikes me that you’re a decent guy. I’d really like to take you out for a pint sometime, maybe next season when [….] calmed down a bit, but whatever. I live down in the mission, and I know you guys like the marina.

    But right now, hoist up your [….] panties. […] is on. You’re probably going to be in a position where the San Francisco Giants are on your shoulders to win their first World Series since Leo Durocher. Like tomorrow.

    You and every one of your teammates have shown that you have every tool in the book to beat all comers. […….] Phils were the best team in the game this year, and the Pads were the hottest until you took ’em down.

    Cliff Lee is a monster. And so is Hamilton. Lee’s out of your hands, but I wholly belive Sanchez and Uribe and Huff are gonna poke ’em through plenty, and nothing’d suprise me less than Buster and Pat taking him yard.

    But Josh Hamilton is yours. You own him. You’ve got belief because you understand existence. He’s got belief because he’s afraid of it.

    Love him. But Own him.

    Good luck in the series. You’ve proven you’re a big game pitcher in every sense. Show everyone now.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done this year to make the Giants the most compelling team in baseball for years. And tell Pablo to hit one down the line and stop swinging for yard.

    And thanks for being a role model.


  3. Jeremy, thanks for your blog. As another Christian trying to do my part in charity work, you really inspire me. Please keep up the good work. I agree with you 100% about gay teens: you can disapprove of homosexuality and still say that you would give your last bite of food, your last drop of blood, whatever you can share, to help an openly gay person. That’s what Christ is all about.

  4. Just saw you strike out three guys in a row in the World Series, looked you up on wikipedia, and ended up here. You’re a great player, but what you’re doing here is so much more significant than anything anyone’s done on a baseball diamond. Keep on keeping on.

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