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Become An Abolitionist Today!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been breaking down my ideas for the movement I want to inspire.  I wrote about how we can find true fulfillment in Christ by helping to free the slaves, and by bringing relief to everyone suffering from hunger, thirst, disease, and abandonment.  I wrote about how this is the real meaning of loving others as ourselves.  I wrote about how important it is to start out with the biggest dream you can possibly dream, and encouraged you to pursue success so that you can share your achievements with your suffering neighbors.

There is so much you can do, and you can start right now.  Anyone can have a huge impact just by joining forces with a lot of other people.  It’s not about the amount you give.  It’s the number of individuals giving that makes the difference.  If we work together, we can do anything.

How about signing up at Not For Sale, and joining the abolitionist movement?  You can add your pledge to the ones pro athletes make at Free2Play.  My pledge is to give $100.00 for every strike out.  I’ve had one strike out in the National League Championship Series so far.  Why not add to my pledge?  I’m sure you could give a dollar or two for every remaining strike out in the postseason.  If ten of you did that, then together we’d donate $110 – $120 for every strike out.  You see, when we work together, we get extremely effective!

And look at who we’re helping: the most vulnerable people alive.  Some of these kids are in an environment where right at the get-go they get sold off by their parents, or maybe kidnapped and sold.  It’s just a devastating act.  I know they say it’s inhumane, but it’s worse than that.  It’s hard to believe that a person with a heartbeat, with blood pumping through their veins, can actually take another human being and sell them like a product.

And remember, slavery isn’t just in the sex industry.  It’s in the labor industry.  Think about this: why does some chocolate cost three dollars a bar, while another chocolate bar only costs a dollar?  I can tell you why that is.  It’s because the people going out and harvesting the cocoa beans are not getting paid the same.  One company has a decent payroll.  They want to pay their workers the way they should be paid.  Another company wants to make chocolate bars the cheapest way possible without paying any attention at all to how the workers are compensated, or what happens to them.

The more people I can bring awareness of this to, the better.  Think about all the slaves brought every year into the U.S.  I mean, this is a country people run to for freedom, but 18,000 people a year are not getting that same deal.  It could be a lot more than that, since it’s really hard to get an accurate count.  You multiply that over ten years and that’s almost 200,000 people!  Or more!  And this is a growing problem.  It gets worse and worse.

Well, the problem might be growing, but so are the ranks of the people fighting it.  Not For Sale is doing a phenomenal job getting the word out.  Apple Computers does a lot of stuff with Not For Sale.  We’ve got actors getting into it.  Athletes are getting involved.  A lot of different people from all walks of life are so gung-ho with Dave Batstone and Not For Sale because they is out there to investigate and ruin these people.

Join us!  We are creating a coup against the inhumane.  We’re fighting them, and we’ll ruin them.  Click here to look at Not For Sale’s action campaigns, and take a small and incredibly meaningful step today!

4 thoughts on “Become An Abolitionist Today!

  1. I signed up at Free2Play! I’m donating a little bit every time you get a strikeout. I’m really struck by how easy it is to make a difference, just by combining our efforts. It’s so easy, in fact, that it’s hard to believe. Shouldn’t making a difference be really hard? Shouldn’t it require sweat, suffering, and sacrifice? Man, Welsh Presbyterianism has really left its mark on me!

  2. My wife and I have decided to donate $50 dollars for every strike out here through the rest of the play off’s that you throw, I want you to succeed so badly. If I get tickets to the World Series I’ll be routing for you in the crowd!

    • I went to the Free2Play donation page this morning and donated my pledge, because Jeremy got a strikeout last night.

      I just did it, so I can’t yet fully describe the feeling, but it was awesome. All it does is make me want to do more.

      I’m usually suspicious of doing good works for the purpose of the good feeling one gets. It strikes me as self-indulgent. I tend to focus on reason and conscience, and I distrust feelings. (I mean wow, this Welsh Presbyterianism is really in my bones! Good grief!)

      But this is different. I think this is what Jeremy wrote about in another post. It’s a sip from the cup of love. And far from being suspicious and self-indulgent, it’s the Lord Christ. It’s the absolute and only meaning of life. And I experienced that today!

      Thank you Jeremy! Bless you!

  3. Hey Jeremy,
    I love that you are vocal about this cause. Way to go. We are involved in this fight as well… and many in our congregation are involved in IJM and the Not For Sale movement.
    Fred Harrell, Sr. Pastor
    City Church San Francisco

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