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To Stir What Movement?

The movement I have in mind begins with awareness.  It begins with the awareness that people all over the world, our neighbors and God’s children, are suffering, and we are called to help.

You see, the awareness I’m talking about goes much further than knowing the world has problems.  I’m talking about awareness that you can help alleviate people’s suffering and pain.  You can take part in ending the hunger or water crisis.  You can help free slaves and provide homes and families for orphans.

But this awareness actually goes even deeper than doing something to help, deeper than donating or volunteering.  I’m talking about awareness of the joy that you create in someone else.  When you help someone, that person feels joy because of you, because you helped them in their life.  And that joy, the joy you create in someone else, that’s the love of Jesus.  That’s the awareness that I’m talking about.

Two girls worked for me in Uganda last January.  They sent me pictures of the well we built with Living Water International.  When they busted that well, the kids were standing under it.  They were washing themselves in it.  This was clean water and they were rejoicing.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  90% of the diseases in their village are now history, because they have good clean drinking water.  Here’s a video of the dedication of the well:

Look at the faces of those kids!  Look at the joy that’s on their faces, for just water.  This is the same water that’s in my toilet bowl, and these kids are actually rejoicing in it.  This is awesome!  We flush our toilets every day and we don’t even think twice!  You know?  I’ve done it!  I go to a restaurant, and I have the opportunity to say, “I don’t like this water, I’d like a different kind.”  And here we’re talking about kids that are rejoicing because finally, they have water that simply isn’t dirty.

So then when these two girls working for me walked through this village, the people rejoiced to see them.  The kids latched on to their legs, and they held their hands.  They danced for them and they sang for them, and they said, “We thank you so much! You have a voice in our lives now.”  My girls got to sit and talk with them and love on them.

That cup of love is fabulous, because it’s the love of Jesus. That’s what stirs this movement: the love of Jesus.  When you help create joy in someone, you’ll know.  You’ll know because of the way it fulfills you, the way that your body is no longer spiritually hungry.  It will tell you that there’s something inside of you that craves Jesus.  And those who have Him want more of Him.  You know?  Because He’s awesome.

2 thoughts on “To Stir What Movement?

  1. Jeremy… what a great day this was. Up there in my Top 10. To watch this village receive clean water for the first time was unbelievable. Partnering with Living Water International was so wonderful. I can’t wait to do more!

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