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His Love is an Awesome Feeling

I don’t know how to replicate what Jesus did for me.

I know it’s not by standing on a soap box. It’s not by holding up a sign, saying that without Christ you’re going to rot in hell for eternity. I don’t believe Jesus did it like that. He didn’t walk through the villages and say, “You better accept me or else rot in hell.”

I’ve spent years reading and asking God how to reflect the love of Jesus, and I truly believe that He has given me an opportunity to do it in an awesome way. He has given me the opportunity to help give suffering people every possible chance to experience joy. I would like to help create joy in the best way that I possibly, humanly, can. That’s the very most that I can do, but that’s the least that Jesus does. He loves us so much more than even that.

Because I love my God with all my heart, soul, and mind, I will do whatever I’ve got to do to know that He looks down on me and smiles. I want to feel that so much! And I can feel His smile when I do something good for somebody. I can feel His love reflected back to me. So I’m just trying to do my best here by creating environments of joy in places where people suffer, and helping young people participate.

To me, there’s no greater way to feel Jesus than that. And that’s why I feel good when I go to bed at night. I lay my head down on my pillow and I feel great. I don’t have suicidal thoughts, because I’m enjoying life so much.

You can do the same. You can go to bed saying, “I just helped someone get rescued from slavery today.” Or you can say, “I just helped a village of 1500 people get good drinking water.” You can say, “I just helped build an orphanage that will put shelter over kids’ heads and give them positive opportunities to learn and to be leaders.” Or you can say, “I just sent 200,000 meals to a village in Uganda and fed them for a year.” Whatever! There are so many opportunities, you know?

There are so many opportunities for us to create joy and reflect the love of Jesus. And when you know that you’ve done it, man, that’s just an awesome feeling. Because this is the love that He gives and that you have received. You’ll feel it because you’ve replicated it.

That’s the joy that I feel. And you know what that is? That’s Heaven.

One thought on “His Love is an Awesome Feeling

  1. Jeremy, First off I want to say that I LOVE MISSIONS! I believe that God gives every believer a desire in their hearts to share the wonders of His love with the whole world and with the people around them.

    I also believe that this country is probably the biggest mission field in the world right now.

    The church has chosen to do many great things worldwide to reach people for Christ through all of the things you mentioned, but it seems as though there’s a certain indifference about what’s going on in this country!

    If “the church” practiced missions overseas the way they do here by erecting a building and waiting for people to show up how well do you think it would work?

    How well IS it working? Not very well according to statistician George Barna.

    Can you see the difference?, They go into a country/region and deal with the problems and meet the needs of the people head on! I’ve been listening to church members sing about

    “marching into the enemy’s camp and taking back what he stole”

    For years, and have yet to see a single brigade of “christian soldiers” form up!

    I know the church does a lot here,but they need to do SO much more! They need a new plan of attack that has victory as it’s goal instead of simply presiding over the demise of their “institution’s” of religion.

    Does it ever seem hypocritical to you for us as Americans/Christians to spend the tremendous resources we do all over the world trying to help people when our own needs are so great?

    I guess my real point is that I can’t feel the joy…

    This country is on fire, and I’m trying to rally a pump brigade from a group of people with an “I gave at the office” mindset…

    “I don’t know how to replicate what Jesus did for me.”

    Neither do I, but by allowing Him to work through us we can do for Him, just as He did for us, person to person, in the land where He was born.

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