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Free2Play Means Free to Dream

Everybody dreams about their “one day.”  Everybody thinks, “One day I’m going to be…”  And everybody should have the ability to do that.  Everybody deserves their dream that “one day I will…”

Slavery kills the ability to say that.  Think about that.  It’s unbelievable that there are kids that don’t get to do that.  Some kid says, “I dream to be this,” but the next thing he knows the door gets kicked in, his parents get shot, and he gets taken and trafficked.  He isn’t free to dream anymore.  And it wasn’t his choice for his parents to be shot and killed and for him to be snatched.  Or the girl walking down the street, going to school, and some van drives by and snatches her up and trafficks her on the black market.  That wasn’t her choice!  She didn’t ask to get stolen.  The dreams of children are being killed for greed.

That’s why I joined Not For Sale and advocate for them as much as possible.  They create dreams.  Some of the money I contributed to Free2Play went to building a basketball court in Thailand.  Now those kids are free to dream about playing basketball.  Now they can say, “I’d like to play basketball.”  And we can say, “Go ahead!  Try it!  See if you like it!”

Soccer is such a big deal in South America, but there are kids are in slavery and they don’t get to play soccer.  They’re being trafficked.  So Not For Sale organized soccer tournaments for them, and the kids play a season.  At the end they all get gold medals.  You should see the smiles on their faces when they are rescued and are free to play soccer.  They’re free!  They can dream again.  They can dream about being a professional player.  Whether they make it or not, it doesn’t matter.

To me, that’s refreshing.  I say, you know what?  I’m playing the game that I always dreamed I could play.  And the ability for me to dream looks huge.  As much as possible, I want to create that for kids who have suffered. I want to help them dream.

One thought on “Free2Play Means Free to Dream

  1. I love this post. It really speaks to me. I read or watched somewhere that you are part of the “Not For Sale” campaign. I truly respect and admire what you are doing. That you for being that role model for kids aspiring to be something and for adults who are still finding their ways and dreams. I am enjoying reading your posts! Thanks.

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