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Love Saves People

I have been to megachurches that have campuses so large that they have gyms for members.  But they also have huge humanitarian programs.

Pastor Matthew Barnett runs the Los Angeles Dream Center.  It has five hundred thousand square feet right by Dodger Stadium.  These Christians feed the homeless and take care of the poor.  They even paint people’s houses for free, just because they want to serve them.  They distribute food and female products in poor communities that don’t have the money to buy these things.  Their ministry creates community, and they pour a lot of money and effort into the injustices they encounter in this country and in the world.

His father, Pastor Tommy Barnett, runs the Phoenix Dream Center out of the Phoenix First Assembly of God, same deal.

Love has become “feminized,” and by that I mean that when you talk about love, a lot of people will say you’re soft.  But love is what is going to save people.  Loving them.

Think of a person who has a mental illness. Probably the best healing resource is just to love on them.  They still need other sources of help, but just to love on that person instead of shunning them is going to help them more than anything else.

What’s the response to a person that doesn’t have water?  Love on them!  Get them water.  Show them that you love them.  Help provide a resource they should have.

There are a lot of things that God has showed me that are not good.  Sex slavery is a terrible thing.  It’s the devil’s way of perverting love.  Sexuality is showing love in a pure way, a beautiful way.  And we’ve created evil with it.

And He’s showing me ways to help out.  How can I help a person trapped in the sex slave industry?  Love on them by rescuing them.

God is showing us that He sees what’s wrong.  And if He sees it, then He’s going to give you an understanding of how to fix it.  I really, truly believe that.

What’s the sign that God sees what is wrong and is showing us?  Look all the people willing to fight against it!  He spoke about it in scripture, and He’s speaking to people now about it.  He’s opened my eyes to a whole new area of humanity, to all these people who are so unselfish.  They know that love saves people.

2 thoughts on “Love Saves People

  1. I’m sure this is a stretch and a little forward. My wife and I are youth pastors in Alabama and I’m a huge Giants fan. We’re coming over for the Braves series. What’s the chance of connecting for breakfast? I just stumbled across your blog and would love to talk ym and Giants, my two favorite things in the world.
    Jeremy Sims

  2. People do a lot in the name of love that isn’t. There is a group called NAMBLA. Noth Atlantic Man Boy Love Association. These men claim to love boys at a young age so they are not spoiled for love later on. They think boys can’t start loving other adult men too soon. There are too many scriptures in which the Apostle Paul speaks out against this to mention on a school day (need to get daughter to school) Evne I try to love my daughter too much by sp0iling her rotten. This is nothing in comparision to NAMBLA’s crimes, but it is still perverting love in that I think stuff is some sort of substitute for love. She needs love and limits, not a play room w/ so many toys it looks like a bomb went off (She’s a messy girl, unfortunatly.) 1 Cor 13 talks about a pure love God wants us to have. Love is not rude; it doesn’t molest little boys. Love is patient enough to give my daughter 7×70 chances to clean her room and playroom. Love gets down on the flooor with her and helps out when there are a million and one other things I would rather do. We know love because he loved us first. The great commision is to show that love by sharing the Gospel, even if that means “thumping the Bible” a little to our pre Christian friends. Your twitter blog said that you weren’t a “Bible thumper”, but what if you ARE in the best sense of the world. On the judgement day, they will WISH like hell you had thumpted the Bible in thier ungodly direction. Amen!

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